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8 framework method langstroth hive containers for a modified ware hive. Edmonton, Alberta.8-Frame, Medium Hives Supers (aka. Illinois Hives) 8 frame method hive containers are versatile, very easy to raise, and perfect for Northern environment beekeeping. Made of solid pine, each package features sturdy little finger joints and a handles on all four edges. Used these boxes for brood and honey will simplifies your procedure and get rid of the dependence on additional gear.

Why Use 8-Frame Boxes? Eight framework hives tend to be ideal since they have a similar width as brood nest and the overwintering cluster of bees. With less room to warm, the bees don’t must work as hard. More to the point, because basis is solid, honeybees can’t effortlessly move laterally inside the hive. In larger 10-frame hives, it’s quite normal for overwintering bees to starve once the heat drops down and they’re not able to achieve honey included within the last two structures. The 8-frame hive eliminates this dilemma by matching the hive on all-natural proportions of this bee group making is crucial have piece of Alberta beekeeping gear.

Google Sketchup break down of a modified warre hive, 8 frame hive, top club hive design.Why Use moderate Boxes? At 12 pounds per gallon, honey is hefty and takes most work to lift and use. For practical factors, I’ve settled on method depth hive bins (6 5/8″ deep) which weigh between 40 and 45 lbs at harvest. What’s much more, bees will joyfully raise brood and store honey in moderate depth hives which eradicate the importance of different hive bins; lowering costs and simplifying your operation. For reasons talked about in an earlier post, I like to manage my bees inside design of a Warre Hive with the addition of empty cardboard boxes on base. If this is your program, choosing medium level hives can save you most heavy-lifting. Suits all standard medium frames and gear.

Screened (IPM) Bottom Boards

8 Frame, IPM Screened Bottom BoardWith on the rise, numerous beekeepers are turning to screened bottom boards. According to beekeeper and writer Ross Conrad, 10% to 20per cent of varroa mites fall-off their hosts and on the base of this hive. Equipping your hive with a screened base board (1/8th-inch line mesh) means that tumbling mites drop out the bottom of the hive in which they’re struggling to rise back-up and cause damage.

Also, screened base panels supply exemplary air flow which decreases moisture accumulation and potentially fungal conditions inside the colony. All screened base panels have a plastic place which you can use to shut the hive up during Winter or even to perform mite matters.

8 Frame Warre Roof and Top-Quilt (2 Pieces) impressed by the original Warre Hive this roof was designed to let the bees to control the air flow of their hive. Originally outlines in Warre’s book ““, this Warre style roof consists of two individual pieces; a quilt field and a sloped roofing.

Quilt package The quilt is a shallow package that sits at the very top of this hive. Empty during Spring and Summer the quilt contains a 1/8th-inches galvanized mesh that stops bees from upgrading while enabling exceptional air flow. The bees, becoming since innovative since they are, fill the plastic mesh with to boost or reduce air flow while they see fit. Into the autumn, the quilt’s hole is loosely filled up with insulation the Winter.

Sloped Roof created to shed liquid and snow, this sloped roof resign shields the hive from the elements while guaranteeing sufficient ventilation. Designed to fit throughout the quilt and top super, you don’t have to be worried about the wind blowing this 1 off! Oh, plus it appears great!

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