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Josie Keller, 2015 first location champion from ?Central Indiana Beekeepers? Association.Josie Keller, 2015 1st spot champion from ?Central Indiana Beekeepers? Association.

Senior Division (Years 17-22)

  • 1st Put Winner: $1, 000.00
  • 2nd Spot Winner: $500.00
  • third Put Winner: $300.00

Junior Division (Ages 12-16)

  • 1st Put Winner: $250.00 + $300 in bee products
  • 2nd Put Winner: $100.00 + $300 in bee materials
  • third destination Winner: $50.00 + $300 in bee products

Candidates must meet the next demands:

  1. Must be currently involved with beekeeping
  2. Must be a resident of Indiana, or, if not, a moms and dad must be an associate for the Beekeepers of Indiana
  3. Must certanly be recommended by among the after: any BOI member, a 4-H leader, Boy/Girl Scout frontrunner, FFA sponsor, teacher or university professor in an agriculturally relevant industry

Application Procedure:

On another sheet of report:

  1. List your name, address, phone number, current email address, and day of delivery.
  2. What number of hives can you have, and exactly how very long have you been a beekeeper?
  3. To which local beekeeping club do you really belong?
  4. List any statewide or nationwide conferences you have got attended.
  5. Record any educational presentation you've got provided (if any), including time, subject, and business.
  6. Answer here questions with at the least no less than a part each:
  • Something your preferred beekeeping-related task?
  • Just what good values have you gained from beekeeping?
  • What's the best way to market the necessity of honey bees into public
  • Assume you're in charge of developing a variety of honey bee. Given all desired traits that beekeepers seek in a honey-bee, choose the ONE most critical characteristic that you would want to develop into the new bee. How come you think this characteristic could be most critical?
  • What exactly are your personal future programs as a beekeeper?

All reactions ought to be typewritten, double-spaced with a 12-point font and 1” margin. The younger Beekeeper should take-all the space he or she needs to respond to the concerns totally.

For the recommending sponsor: (is sent because of the Young Beekeeper’s application, or individually.) Exactly why is this youthful Beekeeper deserving of this honor?

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