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Beekeeping Supplies Alabama

NUCS – Mitch Lowe:
Alabaster, AL: Call 205-461-35 zero zero
E-mail him: themitchlowe @ gmail dot com
NUCS…$140.00….4 frame. Nucs, or nucleus colonies, tend to be tiny honey bee
colonies created from larger colonies. The term relates both
toward smaller dimensions field and colony of honeybees within it.
The name is derived from the reality that a nuc hive is focused
on a queen, the nucleus for the honey-bee colony. 2/2015
Lowe NUC Sale Flyer Lowe NUC 1 Lowe NUC 2

HIVE STANDS – Cayman Frederick
Calera, AL: Call 205.436.91 five three
E-mail: caymantheman @ gmail dot com
(A) Holds an individual Hive $100.00
(B) supports to 3 Hives $175.00
(C) supports to 5 Hives $250.00
Hive stand Flyer Printable

Charles Roberts:
51 sheets of Walter T Kelly wired foundation for a superficial super.
Which somewhat over 2 and 1/2 containers. Catalog price is $18.50 plus
shipping per box. It's going to fit a medium framework but may be 3/4″ brief
on base and the bees will have to fill that in.
20 sheets of Walter T Kelly non wired comb foundation for your
superficial super. Catalog price is 13.00 plus shipping.

This could price 59.25 plus shipping in the event that you purchased direct. I will just take 30.00 for all

Will consider an acceptable provide. Updated 3/30/14
Cline Rhodes, Harpersville location PH. (205) 672-nine three-four eight cellular 601-three eight three nine
Gear: Hive container Supers-Mediums and Deeps, holds 10 frames each,
fine quality lumber, painted, best prices CALL TODAY!!
George Baldwin, Chelsea area cellular 205-516-Zero Nine One Eight
Gear I’m taking sales for:
Full beehives
8-frame=COST $150.00

Includes: screened bottom board, 1 deep extremely with frames, 1 method extremely with structures,

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