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It’s unbelievable it is often two years since my final post, but having a kid definitely takes up plenty of time.

While I haven’t been publishing, i'm nonetheless really active in the Austin beekeeping community and now we have actually our 6th Annual Beekeeping Seminar approaching in January.

You are able to register in the after Address:

This is a daylong seminar providing 6 various academic presentations running
concurrently in each and every time slot each day. This may supply many beginning and higher level subjects available. A separate beginner track has-been formatted addressing a number of startup topics for quickly to-be or really new beekeepers.

Afternoon sessions should include different presentations including:
• Honey Bee control 1 and 2
• Honey-bee Biology and Behavior
• Top club Management 1 and 2
• Varroa Control
• Brood Infection Control
• Swarm Capture Methods
• Raising Queens
• Learn Honey Extraction Methods
• Harvest Economics
• Beneficial Bee Flowers
• Tx Ag Exemption
• Ask a professional
• Queen Finding and Requeening
• Honey Bee Reproductive Biology
• Colony Supersedure and Control
• Making Splits
• Nutrition Control
• Spring Management
• Cut-Outs
• Products associated with the Hive
• Equipment Building Workshops
• Increasing Hive Productivity
• Mead Making

• Professor Juliana Rangel- Posada Entomology Texas A&M
• Mark Dykes- Chief Texas Apiary Inspector
• Mary Reed- Texas Apiary Inspector
• Mark Hedley- Vice-president Tx Beekeepers Assoc.
• Chris Doggett- President associated with WCABA
• Tanya Phillips – Owner Bee Friendly Austin
• Elizabeth Walsh-Entomology Tx A&M
• Jay Poindexter-Owner of Poindexter Family Apiary
• Karl Acuri- Austin Area Beekeepers Assoc. (Co-organizer)
• Cameron Crane-Area Director Tx Beekeepers Assoc.
• Becky Bender-TX Master Naturalist
• Brandon Fehrenkamp- Owner of Austin Bees (formerly Eastside Honey Co.)
• Lance Wilson- Qualified Master Beekeeper GMBP
• Chuck Reburn-Owner Bee Friendly Austin
• James and Chari Elam-Owners of Bluebonnet Beekeeping products.
• Joe Bader- President associated with Fredericksburg Beekeepers Assoc.
• Dennis Herbert-President associated with Bell-Coryell Beekeepers Assoc.

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