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Brookfield Beehives ended up being founded using the purpose of bringing quality affordable beekeeping gear to Australian apiarists. We stock single and dual beehives, a range of manual and electric extractors plus a complete selection of resources and materials to obtain the task done. Regardless if you are a well established apiarist or a component time hobbyist we endeavour to possess items that will help you in this admirable pastime.

Within the last couple of years beekeeping has become a well known pastime in Australia and may be acutely rewarding to budding apiarists. Folks residing in both town and local places tend to be taking a keen desire for beekeeping and are developing hives throughout sorts of different surroundings. Installing and running a hive is incredibly relaxing and is a great way to get back in touch with nature. It provides the chance to spend some time outside on your own home and create honey on your own use and possibly for sale.

Brookfield are located in Sydney Australia but we have been solely an online store with no physical store. We deliver our products via Australian Continent Post and several courier services. It is possible to help you collect your items from our warehouse this really is strictly by visit.

What Supplies And Equipment Do I Have To Get Started?

Lots of people band and have us by what are the basic supplies and gear to begin with with beekeeping. Here's our set of the basic equipment we believe you need to get when beginning.

A Beehive

Obviously you cannot begin without a beehive. If you are new to the hobby you should probably start with an individual. Our beehives come that includes structures and a lid.


You will need wire to wire up the frames while you are installing the hive. We now have materials of line in a few sizes if you're interested.


The eyelets are utilized when wiring up the frames. We stock them in packs of 500 so there must certanly be a lot to truly get you started.

Beekeeping Gloves

These are essential gear and can end you getting stung if you are focusing on your hive. We stock 2 sizes of beekeeping gloves, both tend to be ventilated with leather arms.

Beekeeping Suit

The suit is also crucial gear and will end you getting stung by the bees. Our matches are constructed of cotton and are also designed for Australian sizes. We 2 types, either with a hat or with a hood and now we have a good selection of sizes.

A Number Of Beekeeping Associations In Australia

If you would like to learn more about beekeeping inside condition then it might be a notion getting touching one of several local associations. They will be in a position to inform you about the local regulations in your area also assisting you to with tips with regards to the equipment and supplies that you'll need to get begun.

Honeycomb episode on River Cottage Australian Continent

River Cottage Australia had a very interesting event on honeycomb recently. You should check from section right here. We were actually impressed because of the reduced effect horizontal top bar hives which were showcased into the show.

The real history of Beekeeping

Bees have actually existed for much longer than people, but exactly how long bees have actually existed with this earth is unsure. Some sources will claim bees date as far back as 40 million many years, although some will state they have been around also longer, 150 million years, with fossilized stays as research. Despite becoming of such a tiny dimensions, bees are crucial bugs that play a significant part in both your pet world while the human world. How people have held bees and rooked their honey materials features varied through the years and come a long way.

Beekeeping During Ancient Times

While bees were part of nature for what appears like forever, the notion of people benefiting from their particular honey production supplies is newer. To start from the beginning, caves concealing prehistoric depictions indicate that people were eating wax and honey 10, 000 years back. They're the initial signs and symptoms of humans utilizing bees for meals. In Spain, drawings that demonstrate signs and symptoms of a way of beekeeping are discovered considered around 7, 000 yrs . old. Another breakthrough of drawings-in Spanish caves paints the image of an individual climbing trees with gear to attain and harvest honey from wild beehives.

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