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Beekeeping 101: gear and clothesjust what supplies will you need to increase bees? Here's a beginner’s guide to those items that will help you be a successful beekeeper.


You can find crucial items to put on whenever interacting with bees. Usually have a veil for your face and wear clothing that may protect you from stings. Full matches are for sale to purchase from some companies and beekeeping organizations. These might be perfect for the beginner. The common price of these at the time of this writing ranges between $70 to $125. Overall, avoid woolen or nylon materials and follow white or light colors. Some beekeepers forgo gloves being adjust the within associated with the hive better, although for a novice this is certainly generally speaking not advised.

You'll want to use clothes both that will both protect you and you don’t mind getting stained. Bees will create waste that presents up as yellow markings on the clothing, which means you don’t desire to be using your best outfit. Close up all-potential to getting stung by tucking your jeans into the clothes plus shirtsleeves into the gloves. Wrap both your arms and legs with some sort of musical organization to secure your clothes in position.

Make sure to wear garments that features maybe not previously received stings. Bees launch a pheromone when they sting to alert various other bees of an assailant. By wearing previously stung clothes, you are basically begging is stung.


  1. Smoker: Smoke, if used properly and never exceedingly, will sooth bees. A large cigarette smoker is best, as smoke lasts for longer.
  2. Hive device: this can be a tool which is used like a lever to loosen frames and cardboard boxes.
  3. Uncapping knife: this revolutionary product will uncap the wax cells in which honey is kept, rendering it prepared for the following step—the centrifuge.


Dealers of beekeeping gear may be placed in the yellow pages of phone directory. Usually, you can easily contact the large, national beekeeping offer businesses and ask for a catalog containing their particular equipment and prices. Here are some manufacturers:

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, 610 Bethany Church Road, Moravian Falls, NC 28654 [(800) 233-7929];

Dadant & Sons, Inc., 51 S. 2nd Street, Hamilton, IL 62341 [(217) 847-3324];

Mann Lake Ltd., 501 S. first Street, Hackensack, MN 56452 [(800) 233-6663];

Walter T. Kelley Co., Inc., 3107 P.O. Container 240, Clarkson, KY 42726 [(502) 242-2012].

Some beekeeping equipment companies promote in bee journals, an individual content that may be required from editors:
United states Bee Journal, 51 S. 2nd Street, Hamilton, IL 62341 [(217) 847-3324];

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