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Beekeeping defensive clothesIt all started whenever Peter first picked up a friend’s Ladybird Book labeled as “Life of this Honeybee” by W. Sinclair (Hardback, 1969). He must-have already been decade old. So began his long term fascination over honeybees. The local Welwyn honey, that constantly tasted fabulous, ended up being from a 80 year old - Polish beekeeper “Mr Wit”.

Mr Wit had about six hives, and had worked for Taylor’s Bee works in Digswell. Peter’s moms and dads had arranged for him to see Mr Wit’s apiary in accordance with hat and veil Peter became ‘smoker boy’ for example afternoon.

It wasn’t until during the chronilogical age of 14 that Peter had been permitted to have his first hives. It took several years convincing their parents. The entire year just before obtaining their very first colony, a swarm landed in a tree inside their forward yard and had been collected by another beekeeper just who placed the bees into a cardboard field. This stayed in yard until it had been removed early the following early morning.

1 day, Peter’s moms and dads were expected, by Mrs Wit, when they could be interested in a colony? The reason being that her husband could no further manage raising the heavy cardboard boxes into a wheelbarrow and running all of them up over a steep embankment, crossing two roads or more the garden road, to the household.

Peter’s moms and dads consented and also to keep a lengthy tale short, the family ended up with four hives and all of Mr Wit’s gear. The very first session learned was to secure every little thing perfectly. Since the bees were driven up to their driveway, one dual brood chamber slipped aside off the back of this automobile and were left with bees spread up over the garden fence post and Peter’s parent getting his very first stings from their bees.

So it started…

Certainly not the recommended option to begin beekeeping these days, but Peter had been fortunate the beekeeper stayed their tutor for some years to come.

Peter’s household learnt a great deal. Days have shifted in 38+ years and brand-new improved methods have replaced some of the old techniques which inturn are still being shown these days. The very first task was to requeen an extremely nasty, tempered colony. On such a little scale it is not such a facile task for the novice.

Peter had read some books and went to ab muscles last two-day beekeeping course run by Taylor's of Welwyn the season before they sealed.

In 1990 Peter joined up with the Welwyn Beekeepers Association, among the earliest organizations in the nation and continues to continue to be an energetic committee user. (Kindly go to the backlinks page for further details).

He quickly became captivated in exactly how various colonies behaved. Some were much better honey producers, others proficient at robbing. Particular colonies would continue to travel down if the majority found it unfavourable going and forage. Some colonies would attack and sting the ankles many would target the face.

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