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Beginning Beekeeping Supplies

There aren’t numerous projects on our homestead that bring us the maximum amount of pleasure as our bee hives do. For a little start up investment in beekeeping supplies, in addition to initial hives, this addition to the farm has truly paid down. We've two hives and on average we gather about 4-6 gallons of honey each year. That's a lot to supply our requirements and allowing united states to provide some away as presents at Christmas time.

Beginner Beekeeping Supply checklist

Bees need only minimal attention and slightly feeding during the cold winter to help keep them going strong. We now have an enormous method of getting wild blossoms, fruit blossoms, bushes, woods and even weeds which they use as resources for nectar. We have them happy as well as in return they pollinate our garden each year.

Several of their favorite flowers tend to be:

  • Alfalfa
  • Aster
  • Basswood
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Goldenrod
  • Sage
  • Fruit Trees

As soon as we got begun keeping bees we purchased the minimum and continued to construct our supplies due to the fact years continued. We setup our very first hive in early springtime so they had plenty of time to build their hive ahead of the honey started to flow. We started with two hives of Italian bees. Through the years we added additional supers and frames. We've a stream that runs on the straight back of our home, but we in addition verify we provide all of them with clean fresh water nearer to the hive.

The following is a beginner beekeeping offer listing that we started out with:

Almost certainly you will have to wait a year for the very first honey harvest, but when you will do you'll ask yourself just what took you so long to have starting with beekeeping!

There are great resources online to acquire bees, but we found we had the most luck once we purchased our bees from regional bee apiaries. This stops the bees from getting into a climate they are not always and additionally they won’t must over come the strain that shipping trigger.

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