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Bee lasting is enthusiastic about encouraging you to get into beekeeping. We believe keeping bees is a fantastic option to are more in-tune using the environment and a fantastic expression of sustainable living.

Our goal should help you to get begun and to support you in mastering simple tips to keep bees in your garden, whether you reside in the united states or in a suburban location.

We a run beekeeping courses frequently, for folks attempting to find out about what’s involved or for individuals who simply wish to learn from expert bee keepers regarding how bees function as a species.

We sell all materials and materials you need to get an operating beehive started. We have even bee hives on the market. And in case you have a question, we’re only a phone telephone call away.

Once you begin, you’ll learn about how simple bees is to keep and you’ll see your garden thrive like you’ve never ever seen it prior to.

Or visit us in the Melbourne store and luxuriate in a honey-tasting on united states!


Listed below are just some of the merchandise we have obtainable and also to rent:

  • Honey Extractors
  • Bee Fits
  • Bee Smokers
  • Bee Brushes
  • Capping Scratcher
  • Frame Grippers
  • Hive Clamps

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