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Beekeeping Supplies Sacramento

Sacramento Beekeeping is a shop, family members had and operated for over 25 many years. Private solution and quick delivery tend to be our goals, also high quality honey from individuals we know really. We're pleased to hold over 12 kinds of honey for retail sale, a few of which are in dispensers for simple client refills, saving container prices. We a big marketplace for neighborhood wildflower honey for sensitivity sufferers inside greater Sacramento valley area.

Honey Varietals Available

Buckwheat (Ca)
Star Thistle (Ca)
Purple Sage (California)
Clover, Nice (Montana)
Eucalyptus (Ca)
Combined Flower (California)
Orange-blossom (California)
Meadowfoam (Oregon)
Raspberry (Oregon)
Blackberry (Oregon)

Types of Honey Available

Fluid Honey
Comb Honey
Whipped Honey

General Models Available

Small bins (1 pound. or less)
Medium bins (1 to 5 lbs.)
Big containers (5 to 60 lbs.)


Direct to Consumers

Extra Items Offered

Bee Boxes
Beehive Product Sales
Beekeeping Information
Beekeeping Products
Bee-related Gifts
Beeswax Ear Cones
Beeswax Hand Cream
Beeswax Lip Balms
Beeswax Moisturizer Bars
Blended Hive Items
System Lotions/Creams
Energy Bars/Snacks
Furniture Polish
Hive Control
Honey & Nuts
Honey-bee Management
Honey Candy
Honey Containers
Honey Drop Rough Candies
Honey Packaging Supplies
Honey Recipes
Honey Tastings
Honey/Bee Relevant Gifts
Cream Bars
Bundle Bees
Propolis Tincture

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