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Master beekeeper certification

  • VSBA MBP Director: Frank S. Walker, President, Norfolk Beekeepers
  • VSBA MBP Senior Testing Certified: Keith Tignor VDACS State Apiarist
  • VSBA MBP Testing Consultant: Ann Harman EAS Master Beekeeper
  • VSBA MBP Testing Consultant: Billy Davis EAS Master Beekeeper
  • VSBA MBP Testing Consultant: Frank Linton EAS Master Beekeeper

The Master Beekeeper Program associated with the VSBA will contain 3 amounts, specifically: the Apprentice Beekeeper level; the Journeyman Beekeeper level, while the Master Beekeeper amount. What's needed per amount are posted on the VSBA website underneath the heading Master Beekeeper.

All beekeepers, aside from knowledge or many years of beekeeping knowledge, must enter the VSBA MBP in the Apprentice Beekeeper evaluating degree.

Prospects for Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Beekeeper must report a particular range public-service Credits (PSC) annually. “Public solution” is described as volunteer solution or academic task oriented around bees and beekeeping and conducted for advantage of people.

Public Service Credit (PSC) is gotten for a documented event of an experienced public service. Overall, documentation must certanly be content research, on paper; plus detail is better than less. The MBP Committee reserves the right to accept or reject paperwork during breakdown of the applicant request credits.

Public Service Credits, also referred to as community volunteer solution, not only helps you to match the mission of VSBA and our neighborhood chapters; but serve as a learning device for the specific beekeeper. Everytime we set about teaching, chatting, or revealing our knowledge of beekeeping, we have another possibility to find out more ourselves. A diversity of experiences and activities will provide a far better possibility, and it's also as a result that in most instances, only one credit per style of activity is paid per MBP degree.

To keep VSBA Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Beekeeper certifications calls for Public Service Credits tend to be finished and reported on or before by December 15 yearly.

A person with a pursuit in honeybees is invited to participate in this system. All individuals needs to be a part of Virginia State Beekeepers Association to enroll and carry on account be defined as a VSBA Master Beekeeper. All the educational offerings in support of this system along with every one of the evaluation are carried out within Virginia. Written screening is carried out only throughout the annual Spring and Fall account seminars. There's a monetary price per amount of the program.

Requirements summary for every single amount:

Apprentice Beekeeper: Cost $25.00 for written and practical evaluation.
Basic for the system:

  1. Practical test that involves demonstrating a routine hive inspection.
  2. 5 hours of authorized public-service Credit (PSC) annually.
    Approved Public Service Credit includes it is not limited to: organizing and presenting a honey-bee system, staffing a dining table at a community event, performing an exercise class or system at an area college, library, or other club or relationship.

Journeyman Beekeeper: Cost $25.00 for written and practical evaluation.
2nd degree for system:

  1. Useful test which also includes recognition of various tools, things, and photographs associated with honey-bee biology and beekeeping.
  2. Four many years of beekeeping experience.
  3. 10 hours of public-service Credit yearly relating to honeybees and beekeeping.
    Approved Public Service Credit includes but is not limited to: Preparing and showing several honey bee programs to local groups, VSBA or any other state beekeeping organizations, staffing a dining table at a community occasion, building and leading a training course or program at an area school, library, or any other club or relationship.

Master Beekeeper: Cost $50.00 when it comes to written and useful evaluating.
Final amount when it comes to program: the beekeeper who's shown extensive expertise in beekeeping and some specialized areas in beekeeping.

  1. Useful laboratory test which includes demonstrate honey-bee dissection and illness identification.
  2. Private interview.
  3. Six many years of beekeeping knowledge.
  4. 20 hours of public-service Credit yearly regarding honeybees and beekeeping.

Approved Public Service Credit includes but is not limited to:

- Presenting bee-related lecture or workshop to non-beekeeping group (youth or person).
- Programs on beekeeping and relevant subjects to college groups.
- Serving as an officer in regional beekeeping connection.
- helping members of youth companies (4-H, Scouts, FFA), etc. with bee associated project.
- Mentoring a new beekeeper through one full period.
- general public demonstration on beekeeping subject at reasonable, festival or comparable general public event.
- Publication of beekeeping and associated article in journals, newsletters, etc.
- Programs/lectures/demonstrations on certain beekeeping subjects to beekeeping teams.
- Working at VA condition fair (bee relevant).
- various: you could send an unique program under this category into MBP Director; nonetheless it must be reviewed and approved because of the VSBA MBP committee.

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