Gaston County Beekeepers

North Carolina Beekeepers Association

The NCSBA is a volunteer led company comprised of above four thousand active people, almost all of which are hobbyist beekeepers being in addition members of a community of neighborhood beekeeping organizations. These regional associations tend to be chartered because of the NCSBA and offer to aid their members learn and relish the rehearse of maintaining bees.

Throughout North Carolina, the beekeepers of the NCSBA is seen advertising the honey-bee towards public at beekeeping schools, county fairs, celebrations, and special events. You may have seen some of us presenting at a community event particularly Bug Fest in Raleigh, Bee Friendly Day in Tarboro, nationwide honey-bee trip to Waynesboro State park in Goldsboro, at our honey-bee Exhibit in the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, or on North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh in which we promote the goodness of NC honey with our annual honey sales program.

With our master beekeeper system, we've helped thousands of people become certified beekeepers and find out the interesting training of beekeeping. Our neighborhood chapters take part in this system by providing bee schools on a yearly basis where individuals can learn and turn certified beekeepers. Find Out More…

Test Your Knowledge!
You can find four amounts into the program. The initial three levels need a passing rating on the written exam. Decide to try the test quizzes below to have a sense of what is expected. The concerns in each test are obtained from real examinations. There is absolutely no obligation and you will get the results as soon as you finish the quiz. All the best!

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