Beekeepers Association

Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association

The reason why Every Pennsylvania Beekeeper Must Be A Part of PSBA:

Produces a Newsletter 10 times annually in an attempt to keep all of us informed and a match up between the miles. Satisfies two times each year. Once at a summer picnic, and when at a late autumn banquet. At both conferences, business is performed, workshops are held, friendships restored and ideas are provided. All users are welcomed. Fall conference is held at a central place to permit quick access from all areas of the state.

Functions a booth during the Pennsylvania Farm Show and Ag Progress Days to market honey and beekeeping also to help our annual Honey Queen system.

Keeps a knowledge committee to encourage new beekeepers and consistently view how to supply information to even more accomplished beekeepers. Aims to help Delaware Valley university and Penn State University in tasks, staff and grant needs that additional research in addition to continuing promotion of beekeeping.

Visits our state legislators on a yearly basis to circulate honey as a goodwill motion. Matches yearly, or higher frequently if needed, utilizing the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to voice issues of Pennsylvania Beekeepers. Encourages participating counties to send a representative to our conferences to voice the
viewpoints of these specific county. Operates the Honey Queen system to promote honey also to supply beekeepers over the condition with a reference individual who can help all of them to promote honey within their regional places. People are eligible for significantly lower rates of 25per cent off subscriptions on leading U.S. Bee magazines including, Fast Bee, United States Bee Journal, Gleanings in Bee Society as well as the Little Beekeepers’ Journal. Promotional materials particularly leaflets on bees and
honey, recipe brooklets, spots, decals, Honey Queen brochures, etc. are produced offered by time and energy to time for users free-of-charge or at cost.

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