Mississippi Beekeepers Association

Recommended Amendments for Annual Business Meeting:

Recommended Changes to Article V and VI regarding the Constitution: ARTICLE V. TOWN CLUB AFFILIATION Part 1. TOWN CLUB AFFILIATION Each in your area founded beekeeping connection will probably be entitled to recognition as an affiliate regarding the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. Each local beekeeping connection shall submit a written request on Executive Committee asking for recognition as an affiliate member of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. It shall be the work of the Executive Committee to find out perhaps the neighborhood beekeeping association does qualify as an affiliate marketer of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. The condition conferred will be as follows: Mississippi Beekeepers’Association Internet. In the event that local beekeeping relationship is known as an affiliate of Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association, then the regional beekeeping association shall receive written notice of such and shall preserve that standing as long as your local connection continues to be energetic. The Executive Committee shall retain the straight to revoke the affiliate standing if the area beekeeping organization ceases to stay energetic for a time period of one year or maybe more. As well as dues since set because of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association, local club affiliates shall possess to set regional account charges by the regulating human anatomy associated with neighborhood connection. Neighborhood Club Affiliates are anticipated to motivate account when you look at the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. Regional Club Affiliates tend to be further likely to maintain an organizing document (Constitution, By-Laws, Etc.) installing the structure of the local beekeeping relationship. ARTICLE VI. COMMITTEES 1. ELECTIVE A. Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall consist of users in great standing to consist of the immediate following: 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer (in case the Secretary and Treasure workplaces were combined, this chair will probably be considered an at-large seat becoming appointed by the president from account.) 5. One (1) person in each of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association Affiliates (A.K.A. regional beekeeping relationship) become chosen by each Affiliate. 6. One (1) at-large pastime user to-be appointed because of the president through the account of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. 7. One (1) at-large commercial member is appointed by the president from the membership regarding the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. The responsibilities associated with Executive Committee shall be to carry out the reasons of the Association. By-Laws modifications: 3. The yearly account dues inside Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association will be payable at the time of the yearly meeting for the following succeeding year and shall be set as follows: Name # of Hives Vote Status Dues A. Associate Member (0 hives) non-voting $2.00 B. Hobby associate (1 – 50 hives) voting $35.00 C. Sideline Member (51-500 hives) voting $35.00 C. industrial associate (501 + hives) voting $50.00

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