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A cutting-edge beehive design by Gaia Bees helps battle colony collapse disorder while creating habitats that more closely resemble how bees reside in nature. This DIY hive might not be made for easy honey collection the way in which most contemporary hives are, however it does provide a safer, more healthy environment for insects to live in — in accordance with bee die-offs at record levels lately, they require all the assistance they may be able get.

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The hive is done by hollowing away a log, affixing wooden accessibility doorways for each part, and dull entry holes inside timber for bees ahead and get. Though the movie below shows the wood becoming hollowed down making use of a chainsaw, be careful if you opt to develop one of the own. As Treehugger records, chainsaws are hard to control and that can induce severe damage, so if you aren’t experienced in making use of one, you may want to hollow out your log using a different sort of technique.

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