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Our company is Mark and Thiên Gretchen and together we function the Gretchen Bee Ranch, based in Guadalupe County, Tx. We spot our hives on ranches and facilities in Guadalupe, Gonzales and surrounding counties. With assistance from Jesus, household, buddies and millions of bees, we create pure raw honey as well as other organic products from the hive. We enjoy supplying items that are extremely advantageous to others and we specially enjoy raising honeybees, that are so important to your globe. Drop united states a line should you ever wish “talk bees” – we always enjoy hearing your stories and sharing what we’ve learned with others.

At The Beginning…

We started maintaining bees with my uncle in Burnet County, Texas in 1982. Using mostly lent gear, we removed our honey

inside belated summer time. We discovered that we'd to extract our crop ahead of the broomweed and sumac bloomed, because nectar from those plants, while prized because of the bees, created a bitter tasting honey. We both read and memorized First Lessons in Beekeeping, the classic book for beginning beekeepers, and soon graduated to your heightened research classic.

In 1984 I joined a commercial outfit called Clifford Apiaries. Steve Clifford bred and sold queen bees to beekeepers throughout North America from his headquarters in Sour Lake, Texas.

We assisted him along with his staff inside big bee lawn, which was positioned in a clearing of pine woods. A newcomer, I became recognized for getting stung over others – as soon as 26 times from a single hive that was known for its mild behavior. We additionally spent many days recording queen bees across the logging roads of East Texas swamps. The queens were found in “mating nucs, ” miniature beehives, truly, that provided the thin dirt roadway with alligators, fearless snapping turtles and water moccasins. I invested evenings doctoring my injuries and reading modern Queen Rearing and United states Honey Plants.

After the queens were sold and transported, we drove a big truckload of bees non-stop to Steve’s honey producing operation in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. After that we returned to Texas and performed the same thing once again. Those Texas bees thrived in the lengthy Canadian times and the plentiful industries of rapeseed. Hives here can grow to a monstrous dimensions and create countless weight of honey apiece. Dozens of migratory bee functions still exist today, regardless of the advent of Africanized bees and a host of various other problems and bee conditions that weren’t around in 1982.

Mark & Thiên Gretchen - Gretchen Bee RanchMy uncle and I tend to be older now, and he struggles to work the bees while he regularly. But I call him usually, to not talk of times past, but of your beekeeping glory times however to come.

During the Gretchen Bee Ranch our very first commitment is always to offer you fresh, healthier services and products from our bee hives and from hives of various other beekeepers that people understand and trust. You may be assured that after you get our honey, also bee crafted products, you may
know exactly in which they show up from. All of our items are provided to you personally as purely as they leave the hive. Absolutely nothing included, absolutely nothing taken away.

Our second dedication during the Gretchen Bee Ranch should help renew the bees which have disappeared from our area. Varroa mites, colony collapse disorder and little hive beetles are three associated with the adversaries that imperil bee hives these days, hence have taken a significant cost on our world’s bee population. With 30percent of our diet dependent on pollination, the issue is troubling.

On Gretchen Bee Ranch we're using steps to treat this example locally by strategically placing our bee yards in which they can pollinate facilities and native flowers through the region. Unlike large migratory bee businesses, our hives remain put throughout every season to enable them to pollinate the crops and plants that bloom in each season. The way in which we see it, our bees tend to be adding beauty, shade and variety towards the world around all of them.

By purchasing our items or sponsoring a bee hive, you're assisting save honey bees because they strive to make the world slightly sweeter.

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