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Buying bees UK

A nucleus colony is a small doing work colony of around 10, 000 bees. We could assist you to purchase a nucleus hive.

Purchase An Established Colony

If you are an associate of a nearby Beekeeping Association - you could meet someone who can give you a well-established colony possibly of 50, 000 bees. That is an instant way to get begun however it is not for everybody. For a newcomer a big colony can be slightly daunting. Frequently accumulating a colony from a nucleus provides you with time for you arrive at grips together.

Catch A-swarm

Sometimes luck can play a part in starting with bees. A-swarm of bees may land in your garden or perhaps you could be provided a swarm of bees from a buddy. Starting out from a-swarm is riskier than starting from either a full colony or a nucleus. You will not know the temperament, health or condition of this queen once you begin. This can be an issue for both the beginner and also the experienced beekeeper alike. Discover a classic saying for swarms: "a-swarm in-may is worth a lot of hay; a swarm in Summer may be worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July isn't really worth a fly".

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