Basic Beekeeping: Lesson

How to start Keeping Bees?

The novice should to start with determine if he/she is within any way allergic to bee stings and in case so to not ever attempt getting bees or taking on beekeeping without pursuing medical advice.

Once the urge to help keep bees first strikes you, the impulse should go out and buy a hive right away, and discover by-doing in isolation - this is not best strategy. The best initial step is join your neighborhood branch of this Beekeepers' Association, ideally in the Autumn.

Then you can attend their classes for newbies and programme of winter season lectures that are held usually and protect every aspect of beekeeping. You will find 45 these types of Associations spread throughout the nation.

Various other advantages of membership are the usage of a library - video and book, plenty of friendly advice and you are clearly kept up to date with improvements in the craft. You are able to utilize the Association extractor, can avail of sugar at concessionary costs and benefit from the inexpensive of FIBKA public-liability Insurance. The latter is mandatory as accidents sometimes happens.

Its beneficial if only for your own personel little bit of mind. Whilst a subscription to "An Beachaire" may be recommended, an excellent guide is essential in addition to FIBKA's "Bees, Hives and Honey" or Ted Hooper's "help guide to Bees and Honey" tend to be standard sources for newbies and experienced alike.

Some Associations also provide a mentoring center wherein the beginner is assigned to a professional beekeeper within his or her neighborhood for the true purpose of providing advice for very first few years. That is an excellent concept as having some body close-at-hand or after a telephone is a useful asset.

Bee Stings

If you want to keep bees, and regardless of most of the protective measures which you might just take, could have the periodic sting. Everybody else will show some reaction to bee stings, including the initial pain, and soon after hook swelling for the affected area, later accompanied by some itching.

The effects may be paid off by making use of an antihistamine cream if not taking pills such as Piriton, but generally the human body will quickly be accustomed to the sporadic sting and certainly will display couple of undesireable effects.

Bee Match

There are numerous forms of defensive garments available which range from veils right through to complete bee fits. Therefore the prices are commensurate using amount of cover. A complete bee suit could be the perfect acquisition however the costs are fairly high and it also may not be also to your flavor.

A smock, together with the variety of trousers donned by nurses or painters, are considerably better.

Be skeptical of veils which slip across mind consequently they are affixed by straps or loops under the armpits; bees invariably discover a way to gain use of your neck and face. The best method to put on that kind of veil is within conjunction with a zip up overall.

Any defensive clothes should be light in color, nothing black. Plastic must certanly be prevented because yields static, which will be annoying to bees. Woolly garments should also be shunned, as they get tangled up inside it.


When managing bees, beginners also needs to utilize gloves. With complete gauntlets they've been expensive but should last years. I use plastic gloves which are less clumsy - "Nitrile" or "Marigold" companies.

The greatest objective should acquire a-strain of bee that is not very defensive, come to be proficient in dealing with them, and thus dispense with gloves entirely.

Legs are prime targets for bees and calf size rubber shoes must be used.


The month-to-month beekeeping log holds commercials from businesses offering various types of beekeeping gear. 1st two important things you want to get are a smoker and a hive tool.

Cigarette smokers can be found in two standard sizes, the diameters of the fireboxes becoming 8cms and 10cms. Small variation is fairly sufficient for as much as ten hives.

When servicing the smoker, make certain that the legs for the fire grate are not restricting air entry hole on base of the firebox and also make sure that this opening is right on the basis of the atmosphere exit gap from bellows.

In terms of gas, i personally use dried lawn which provides a consistent supply of cool smoke. Everything do not want is a kind of fuel which burns off too quickly and converts your smoker into a flame thrower which scorches the bee's wings. This aggravates the bees and they will perhaps not hesitate in helping you discover of their displeasure.

Hive Types

There are lots of types of hives available on the Irish market. However, in choosing a hive kind it's important to figure out your component components when it comes to brood chambers and supers are readily available.

The most frequent particular hives used in Ireland which will measure up to these needs will be the nationwide, the Smith Hive and the Modified Commercial Hive. The approximate comb areas of the different structures tend to be: nationwide and Smith Deep - 5000 employee cells Commercial Deep - 7000 worker cells.

The two most popular hives would be the nationwide and Commercial. Although the latter have actually bigger structures, the exterior dimensions of element containers are the same, to within a quarter of an inch, so supers, queen excluders, crown boards, flooring and roofs are compatible.

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