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This year I’m dividing the gift suggestions for beekeepers into categories which will make looking slightly easier. With one exception, every item on list tend to be things I use myself, and they have obtained my stamps. A number of the items are affordable “stocking stuffers” plus some tend to be more high priced, but each may be used over and over by a beekeeper.


  • Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley: this is actually the book to learn if you would like realize swarms and swarming. Although swarms might seem random to start with, Honeybee Democracy obviously explains the very arranged maneuver of colony reproduction.
  • The Buzz About Bees by Jurgen Tautz: The Buzz About Bees takes you within the beehive and describes just how bees work and how the colony operates. Regardless of the subject, it is not a children’s book. Outstanding pictures throughout.
  • Simple, Smart Beekeeping by Traynor & Traynor: This is a great newbie book with top-notch illustrations. If you have some one in your gift list that is not used to beekeeping, Simple, Smart Beekeeping will be a good place to start.
  • The Bees in Your Backyard by Wilson & Carril: After folks begin to hold honey bees, they usually become aware of the rest of the bees in their backyard. The Bees in Your garden enable answer their questions and identify many of those bees.


  • Bee Brush: Bee brushes are specifically soft so that you won’t injure your bees. However, learn how to make use of them properly and brush up, perhaps not down.
  • Hive device: the typical hive device that comes with newbie kits is definitely maybe not the best. Really the only hive tool I use may be the one with a J-hook on a single end. I couldn’t keep bees without it.
  • Swarm Commander: this can be my go-to swarm appeal. Although it might appear expensive to start with, getting only one swarm will over pay for it. Just spray Swarm Commander into a-swarm pitfall or bait hive and wait. My very first bottle returned a complete of eight swarms.
  • Essential natural oils: If you like to use crucial natural oils as bee supplements and attractants, has its own kinds at reasonable costs. I’ve bought from their website many times without problem. The best bee attractant is anise oil.
  • Everclear: Unlike isopropyl alcoholic beverages, pure grain alcohol is non-toxic. Whenever I’m cleaning propolis from things that don’t require it, including my epidermis, I like the non-toxic stuff. Everclear are obtainable at most of the alcohol stores and, depending on a state, is available in 151 or 190 evidence. You can use it which will make your own swarm lures from lifeless queens.
  • Sugar: Beekeepers need sugar for multiple explanations, including candy boards, syrup, queen corks, and fondant. Anytime sugar is available for sale, we fill up on fifty-pound bags of ordinary white refined sugar. It might sound like an odd gift, just a few fifty-pound bags would be memorable.
  • Ratcheting tie-down: I prefer tie-downs to strap my hives collectively as opposed to a stone or rock. In addition utilize them for going hives on a hand truck or a pickup vehicle, and I also even use them to strap my ladder to a tree whenever I’m inspecting a swarm pitfall. I love the type without hooks from the end (called unlimited cycle tie-downs), but they are more difficult to locate.
  • Propane Torch: I adore a propane burn for burning a cigarette smoker since it is quick and efficient. Don’t forget to provide a canister of propane and it.
  • Smoker Pellets: Whether you use a torch or perhaps not, KwikStart Smoker Pellets make lighting any cigarette smoker easy, as well as give off lots of cool, white smoke.
  • Organic Beeswax: People frequently wish a way to obtain organic beeswax to clean to their synthetic foundation to minimize the amount of pesticides in the hive. This pure beeswax may also be used for makeup.
  • Uncapping Knife: If you draw out your honey, a great uncapping blade is indispensable. This metal version is sharp and contains a great experience to it.
  • Honey Sieve: so you can get wax dirt and bee bits from your extracted honey, this double stainless steel sieve is useful.

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