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Bees are available a number of means, nevertheless most common means of getting and populating top bar hives and Warre hives tend to be swarms and bundles. Other choices consist of Langstroth and top bar nucleus colonies and splits. Each technique has actually advantages and disadvantages, and right here we are going to provide a brief overview of each and every option. Please stick to the backlinks to more details on each strategy.


Swarms are our preferred approach to populating hives. Swarms are the natural method by which honey bees replicate, and therefore are hence excited to start out building comb of their new house. Swarms will also be local to your area, and while the opinions vary, we had the maximum success with feral swarms from our location in Portland, Oregon. Numerous think that feral colonies that are living effectively without peoples interacting with each other and therapy fare better than their particular counterparts trucked around the world in plans.


The second most common approach to populating foundationless hives could be the package. a bundle of bees is a shoebox size wood container with display screen on both sides containing 2-4lbs of bees (usually 3lbs) and a feeder saturated in sugar syrup. Bees are added to the bundles if you take frames from numerous colonies and shaking the bees through a funnel until the field is adequately filled. A queen - occasionally one that was artificially inseminated - is put in a cage and hung in the middle of the bundle.

Packages tend to be more typical in the usa compared to other parts worldwide. The packages are often created when you look at the south United States in places where there was little to no cold weather, after which delivered via truck to bee suppliers in north says.

Because of the practices used to fill the bundles, the synthetic insemination of queens, environmental influence of shipping the bees plus the low success rate, we think bundles should-be used as long as other choices are unavailable.

Nucleus Colonies

Nucleus colonies tend to be mini hives. Regarding Langstroth Nucleus colonies, they are usually 4-5 frames as opposed to 8-10 frames within an ordinary box. Top club hive nucleus bins aren't standardised, but ours tend to be 7 pubs large and will effortlessly be transported into our full size top club hives.


An approach employed by numerous top bar hive and some Warre hive beekeepers is known as the split. Generally in most basic terms, bars including brood, honey and bees tend to be taken from a full-colony and put into a hive. The queen is either remaining within the old hive, or put into the new hive. The queenless hive can enhance a queen providing there are lots of eggs readily available. Some beekeepers like purchase a queen and include her to the queenless colony, however, we do not make use of this method even as we cannot offer the practices accustomed raise and inseminate most queens.

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