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With a bundle. a package of bees features advantages of the beekeeper. You can easily "order" a package. So that you know you've got bees coming.

Without because normal as a-swarm, at the least you know whenever bundle anticipated to show up.

At Gold Star Honeybees, our goal is always to provide you with the utmost effective in package bees with increased exposure of all-natural mobile size, treatment-free administration, and regular acclimation.
So - you need to earn some alternatives. Do you get across your hands and expect a-swarm or buy a package?

If you're a premier bar hive beekeeper, this is what YOU NEVER WANT:

For top level bar hives, that you don't desire to start off with a Langstroth "nuc". Just what is a nuc? A nuc could be the nickname provided to a "nucleus colony". It really works such as this - you purchase a nuc, which will be little beginner hive of bees - frequently five structures. You take it home, pull five frames from your Langstroth hive, change all of them with the five structures and also the bees, from the nuc. Voila - instant beehive. If you work with Langstroth gear, this works great... as it happens Langstroth equipment!

Sometimes beginner beekeepers don't realize that the standard "nuc" actually probably easily fit into a high club hive. And so they may not be quite certain just what questions to ask, therefore the company they've been buying from doesn't know how to have them from causeing this to be error - buying bees that'll not work with their top club hive.

On the face from it, that is a question of non-interchangeable equipment. They do not fit! (And yes, which is on purpose but that's a story for another day.)

Although deeper reason to prevent a nuc is prevent presenting polluted foundation wax into your all-natural wax top club hive. Allow the bees make their very own wax - it is cleaner and aids their particular natural methods.

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