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bees, bee die-offs, artificial apiary, honeybee colonies, neri oxman, mediated matter, mit news laboratory, interior apiaryThe creation of a controlled space in which bees can thrive right addresses the plight for the bees out of every feasible direction. By design, the artificial Apiary idea protects the bees from the biggest threats to their survival, including errant pesticides, extreme weather changes, drought, plus flowers losing their fragrance. Providing a protective environment may be the most recent in a few unique attempts to assist saving pollinators from complete extinction.

News of this experimental project emerges only days after the US Fish and Wildlife provider added seven types of bees towards Federal Endangered Species list for the first time ever sold. Whilst it’s obvious that honeybee colonies will require exterior assistance being repopulate and survive, it is too-soon to know perhaps the Synthetic Apiary is option. But preliminary answers are inspiring.bees, bee die-offs, artificial apiary, honeybee colonies, neri oxman, mediated matter, mit news laboratory, interior apiary The Mediated material video embedded above shows, at 2:33, 1st bee delivery ever recorded in a synthetic environment.

Oxman is no complete stranger to making styles that target problems of success. In 2014, the designer teamed with MIT on another project, leading to the production of eye-catching 3D-printed suits that could behave as “wearable biospheres” to aid peoples life on alien planets. Although that innovation may never come to be a practical reality, the Synthetic Apiary idea has a buzzworthy opportunity at making an actual huge difference for communities of bees below in the world.

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