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The essential regular concern about apiary inspections is "how come I need to have my apiary examined?" The easy response is to help keep your bees healthier and productive. Any beekeeper in condition can request to have their apiary inspected. Any honey bees or used beekeeping equipment must be inspected by a suitable official regarding the state and qualified to be evidently without any infectious or infectious regulated bee conditions and bugs just before becoming relocated into or inside the condition of Tennessee.

The state apiarist, assisted because of the apiary inspectors has the expert and obligation to ascertain and apply a program for inspection of apiaries through the entire state for the intended purpose of finding regulated bee conditions and bugs and for applying control measures as required to attenuate the unpleasant impacts of the diseases and insects regarding the honeybee populace in the state. The apiary evaluation program are going to be carried out in accordance with standard processes that are produced by their state apiarist. The state apiarist may require or supervise the treatment, destruction, or disposition of diseased bees or contaminated bee equipment or bee supplies. Any apiary inspector duly authorized by the state apiarist has got the expert going upon any public or private property for the true purpose of conducting an inspection of an apiary situated on that residential property. The inspector shall make a reasonable effort to notify the beekeeper of a planned examination prior to the actual assessment.

Anyone offering colonies, nucs, plans, queens, used gear or devices must certanly be inspected by an appropriate official regarding the state and qualified to be evidently without infectious or contagious regulated bee conditions and bugs. All individuals desiring to maneuver bees, hives, slumgums, utilized beekeeping gear or devices into the condition must connect with the division for a permit. Such application will be followed closely by a certificate of health certifying that all bees, hives, slumgums, made use of beekeeping equipment or appliances are examined by an authorized authoritative within thirty (30) days prior to transportation into Tennessee, and therefore such bees, hives, slumgums, utilized beekeeping equipment or appliances were discovered apparently clear of any regulated conditions or pest.

No bees may be offered, provided available, moved, or transported, transported or delivered within the condition, unless they've been inspected by a proper official associated with the state and licensed is evidently without any infectious or contagious regulated bee conditions and bugs.

If a beekeeper understands that a colony of bees has actually a controlled bee illness or pest, the beekeeper shall immediately are accountable to circumstances apiary inspector all realities known about the bee's illness or bee's bugs.

If any apiary inspector features substantial explanation to trust that a feral colony of bees is harboring any regulated bee infection or pest, the inspector has the authority to enter onto any property public or private to find and analyze that feral colony of bees. The examination of a feral colony and any subsequent regulatory activity should be conducted relative to principles established by the department.

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