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Honey BeeBees swarm within the springtime. In Colorado, bees swarm from April 15th until the end of summer time with May and June becoming the busiest months. A-swarm takes place when a hive, wild or managed, becomes overcrowded plus the old queen and approximately half associated with initial hive leaves discover a unique house. Swarms are generally rather docile nevertheless they is disconcerting as a result of absolute numbers of bees inside the swarm. It is still smart to keep your length so as to perhaps not make the bees feel threatened.

Swarms at some point leave by themselves, after the scout bees have returned to notify the team that they have discovered the right new house. In which it may have taken an hour or even more for the swarm to gather, they may be gone within just a moment after they have word it is the right time to get. But beekeepers prefer to catch the bees as a-swarm in case their brand new home–is yours!

If you should be lucky enough to witness certainly one of nature’s many fascinating migrations, a-swarm, NEVER TRY TO ELIMINATE THEM! usually do not spray these with insecticide or liquid! These bees tend to be “survivor bees” and are imperative to our environmental health. Call the newest toll-free bee swarm hotline. We have beekeepers through the condition ready to be sent to gather the bees and move them to a different house. Free-of-charge! And, generally speaking, within an hour or so.

Here’s the message you'll hear as well as the directions!

"You've got achieved Colorado’s statewide swarm hotline. Please choose the ONE location this is certainly nearest to where your swarm is located Although the greeting is playing. Leave your title and phone number, including location code, following the beep. Music will play for 30 moments while your call has been forwarded to a location dispatcher. WAIT for the beep. A pencil and paper could be great for some cell phone numbers."

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