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Sun Hive LogoThe honeybee is a crucial pollinator of both crops and wild flowers. Yet, around the world it really is beset with difficulties and is in drop.

Globalised intensive meals manufacturing is an important factor behind this decline: conventional farming and beekeeping treats the bee as a mechanical cog within the agro-industrial device.

The All-natural Beekeeping Trust ended up being started in 2009 because of the intent behind countering this process. The charity’s aim is always to show both general public and beekeepers your bee is a complex animal with its very own right. It's a keystone in, and bringer of life to, the entire ecosystem.

We believe it really is fairly easy to develop ways of maintaining bees that enable this vital animal to thrive and prosper. But to do this we ought to very first comprehend the important needs regarding the bee in place of concentrating on ever more intensive production by the beekeeper or farmer.

The Natural Beekeeping Trust advocates reasonable interference bee husbandry minus the usage of chemical remedies and has now developed into a significant vocals for what has grown to become often called ‘natural beekeeping’.

Regular courses and workshops receive in Sussex and Oxfordshire also speaks and lectures across the country . The Trust also works alongside major environmental groups on things of honeybee health into the wider country.

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