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GloryBee was happy become area of the 2016 OSBA meeting in Silverton, otherwise this present year. Besides starting a table for responding to concerns from beginning beekeepers and supplying convenient bee offer sales, we in addition had five members of our team in attendance to soak up most of the brand-new and interesting incoming details about bee health insurance and best management techniques.

  • As always, the Varroa Mite was topic number one. Master Beekeeper, Morris Ostofsky from the Lane County Beekeeping Association, offered a phenomenal presentation entitled “Mite Keeping 101”. Their subject on mites included the observance that in the event that you keep bees, you're in addition keeping Varroa Mites- as they are within every hive.
  • Longtime GloryBee consumers and Queen Producers, David and Linda, emerged entirely from Florida to share with you their particular experience in increasing queens. From breeding examinations and grafting to synthetic insemination, it had been incredibly interesting to know their expertise to check out step-by-step photographs for this very important part of this beekeeping world.
  • There are many ongoing research efforts at Oregon State University, Washington State University and University of California-Davis that people were updated on. While using the many analysis efforts happening by such gifted and committed researchers, develop to see a decrease shortly in yearly hive losses.Oregon State Beekeeping Association Logo ecological effects, conditions, and contending harmful organisms may quickly become a non-issue as soon as the numerous encouraging jobs being worked on by these bee boffins visited fruition making life easier for honey-bee.
  • GloryBee ended up being pleased to announce a contribution of $10, 000 on OSU Honey Bee Lab, headed by Dr. Ramesh Sagili. This contribution ended up being put into the cash raised in auction during Saturday’s banquet. We're blessed to have had the opportunity to give this quantity for past three years and help the OSU Honey Bee Lab within their efforts to Save the Bee.

The attendance during the OSBA 2016 meeting ended up being near an all-time high, which shows the enhanced interest in beekeeping within the Pacific Northwest. If you live near Oregon and they are enthusiastic about bees, we recommend you begin making plans for your day at the lovely Oregon Gardens Resort in October of 2017 for after that year’s meeting.

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