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Enter by Oct. 28! The Ohio State Beekeepers Association is keeping its annual Fall Conference at Tolles profession & Technical Center in Plain City, Ohio. Centered on past attendance, and central Ohio location, they anticipate attendance of over 400 beekeepers. The powerhouse line-up of visitor speakers includes Jamie Ellis, Steve Repasky, Alex Zomchek, Reed Johnson as well as others.

Better Cleveland Beekeepers Association 7th Annual Field Day Conference Keynote Speaker Dr. Thomas Seely is a teacher in biology within Department of Neurobiology and Behavior in the Cornell University in Ithica, New York. A renowned author and bee specialist, his existing guide is after the crazy Bees. Complimentary Parking • Rain or Shine Saturday, […]

In September and October group meetings in different Ohio counties, you’ll are able to help the Ohio Pollinator environment Initiative develop a plan to boost the fitness of Ohio pollinators.

All GCBA Users in good standing that wish to have their honey structures removed within Cuyahoga County Fair (August 8-14) will need to make an appointment with Larry Theurer…

Lorain County Beekeepers Association is proud to announce the 22nd Annual field-day. Join us Saturday, June 4 and hear visitor speaker/bee activist Rich Wieske! Weiske is co-owner of Green Toe Gardens and manages over 100 colonies in Detroit and Southeast Oakland County. He has mentored many through his classes, workshops and presentations across the country. Additionally […]

We realize it is one of several busiest times during the the entire year for beekeepers and we thank you to take precious time from your colonies to participate in the National Colony reduction and Management Survey produced by the Bee Informed Partnership and sponsored because of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

Open to all childhood, many years 9 – 18. To make use of: Write a 500 term essay on “Why I want to be a beekeeper and submit the extra product as described on app type.

GCBA proudly gift suggestions the 6th Annual Field Day/Conference on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea, Ohio.

The U.S. division of Agriculture’s All-natural Resources Conservation provider (NRCS) features established that financing can be obtained to produce technical and economic assistance to assist farmers and personal landowners increase the wellness of honey bees, which perform a crucial role in crop manufacturing. Initial 2016 application due date is March 18, 2016.

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By this question I"ll assume honey bees of European descent. The answer is yes, they are. I'll answer this first from observation and leave the quoting of statistics to others.
Observation 1 - The Past
This is pretty obvious for people of a certain age. When I was growing up there were honey bees everywhere. Any flowering shrub was buzzing with a host of bees as soon as it started flowering. I remember lying in my backyard in a large patch of white clover and watching bee after bee travel from one flower to the next harvesting nectar and pollen. I also remember when that clover patch bloo…

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