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Benefits of European Honey Bees

Honey Bees are not native to the Americas. Throughout the 1600's settlers introduced honey-bee colonies together from European countries, hence title European Honey Bees(EHB).

  • Create about 4 million weight of Beeswax
  • Produce bee pollen, bee venom, royal jelly, etc
  • Pollinate higher than 90 cultivated crops with an Estimate value of $20 billion
  • Share from pollination effects every third bite of meals eaten


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Protecting Bees

Africanized Honey Bees

Information about Africanized Bees

The Africanized honey-bee is a hybrid of one associated with the a few European honey-bee subspecies (Apis mellifera mellifera, A.m.carnica, A.m.caucasia, or A.m.linguica) while the African Honey Bee (Apis mellifera scutellata). The hybrid is practically indistinguishable on the go from the common honey bee. The AHB will put up colonies in most similar places due to the fact European Honey Bee (EHB) and also will nest near to or in the floor. The essential obvious difference between both types of bees usually AHB is extremely intense in security regarding the colony.Bees in a bbq grill At any thought of menace, bees can "swarm" out of the colony and attack, stinging in large numbers, occasionally within the hundreds.

Some people tend to be allergic to bee stings. If you start swelling or have actually trouble breathing, see a doctor. If you should be stung often times, see a doctor if you've got signs.

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Pictures of Africanized honeybee swarms and colonies
Bees in old tire
Bees in a Bar-B-Q grill
Swarm of bees in a tree
Bees in a old water can
Contact, (580)614-1035 with questions regarding Honey Bees or Africanized Honeybees.

swarm of bees in treeAfricanized Honey Bees Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have noticed a strange looking bee around my home. How can I find out if it will be the Africanized honeybee that i have heard plenty about?

A. The answer relies on your location in Oklahoma. If you live is Southern and Southwestern part of the state you have Africanized honeybees. You'll be able to speak to your local county Cooperative Extension Service broker for assistance obtaining information about recognition of bees and other stinging pests. If bees tend to be aggressive and threatening you'll contact telephone call Odaff Bee Specilalist at (405)522-5949, associated with the Oklahoma division of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry’s Africanized Honeybee Task Force to report any intense bee swarms.

Q. What's the scientific name for Africanized honeybees and will they mate with other honeybees?

A. The Africanized Honeybee is a hybrid of a-strain of honeybees from Africa, Apis mellifera scutellata, and essentially any other honeybee that it can mate with and create viable off-spring. In the United States this could be Apis mellifera ligustica (Italian honeybee), Apis mellifera carnica (Carniolian honeybee), Apis mellifera caucasica (Caucasian honeybee), and Apis mellifera mellifera (Dark honeybee).

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