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The Apiary Act of 1995 includes a section on subscription of apiaries. In the Apiary Act, new apiaries have to be registered using the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. These apiaries are required to be re-registered every 3 years. The menu of authorized beekeepers and apiaries is preserved because of the State Apiarist and upon subscription, the beekeeper gets an original registration number. This quantity could be the beekeeper’s private subscription quantity and that can be employed to brand hives and equipment. Registration cards can be obtained using this office, County Extension Agent offices, your local beekeeper organization or this company. You'll register with this specific form.

There are certain advantageous assets to registering your apiary:

  • Email notice of infection outbreaks and changes from the State Apiarist.
  • E-mail and postal notification of aerial spraying of pesticides locally once we are informed for the spraying tasks.
  • Free assessment of the colonies if you're attempting to sell them, moving all of them or perhaps you feel you may have a bee medical condition.
  • Registering your bees helps to protect your bees and your neighbor’s bees regarding an United states Foulbrood (AFB) outbreak or any other regulatory pest.
  • If for example the colonies need to be damaged because of United states Foulbrood or any other regulated pest or infection you're going to be paid if they're signed up. There's absolutely no indemnity purchased the increased loss of unregistered bee colonies.

What can take place unless you register your bees or your apiary?

  • Failure to join up you bees or conform to the provisions of “The Apiary Act of 1995” may lead to the confiscation your bees, beekeeping equipment and a $500.00 fine.
  • In case the colonies need to be destroyed due to United states Foulbrood or other regulated pest or condition you will not be paid if they are not registered.

Please remember that for legal reasons all honey bee colonies inside condition of Tennessee must be signed up with this workplace. All honey bees and used gear transported into, off, within or through the condition of Tennessee are required for legal reasons is examined.

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