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Beekeeping Basics PDF

Beekeepers must be prepared to obtain stings also to over come natural worries and apprehensions with regards to stings.


A listing of businesses that sell bees, beekeeping equipment, and supplies.

An extensive variety of manufacturers of bees in Mid-Atlantic area and throughout the country.

Set of extension professionals, apiary inspectors, condition beekeeping organizations, nationwide companies, journals, programs, movie and audio news, and books.

It is possible to keep bees in crowded suburban areas, on tiny town lots, as well as on roofing tops in small or large towns and cities without problems.

Text addresses the basics of starting beekeeping and offers informative data on handling parasites, insects, and diseases; honey production and processing; pollination; managing beeswax; pollen trapping; and helpful tips to essential floral sources. Available for $7.50 from Penn State Publications Distribution Center, 112 Ag Admin. Bldg., University Park, PA 16802; phone: 814-865-6713.

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