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  • Concerning the lyrical content for this song, Nick Wheeler informed united states: "Ty was nonetheless decreasing from the whole "provides Hell" ride, and we both relocated to la. He got combined in using the bad group and variety of idea he had been along with the whole world - thought he had been bulletproof and all that. But that is where in actuality the lyrical belief originated in. He's becoming an asshole, particularly to women, but he doesn't provide a f-k, he just cares about himself. That's just what the lyrics into the song are from.

After 2008's if the World boils down the band upped sticks and relocated to l . a .. Frontman Tyson Ritter experienced some bad organization and destroyed his means and also this tune recalls the period of "lost excess" while he sings about only needing a woman "for one hour." Addressing Spin mag Ritter explained exactly how this track catches that dark amount of his life: "It is about a point in my own life when I had been type of entirely involved with that moment of missing excess, " he said. "I was treating every little thing like I'd this bulletproof vest; I was encountering some awful folks and awful ladies and I also started initially to type of set lots; I wasn't a likable man for minute. I became just type of to my journey.
The feminine vocals when you look at the connection, she's types of informing him to f-k off, " he continued, "and that is the resolve for the track. I was really opting for a man you were gonna want to hate, as opposed to simply hate. Which is variety of where I was with my personal small trip, at the moment. Every little thing seemed throwaway to me, including myself. The song is a Polaroid of my least expensive of lows."

Ritter sings about only requiring a girl "for an hour, " which regarding face of it seems sexist. However the singer told magazine it must be used in context: "I can see how someone could notice it as sexist, but I do not believe it is that way anyway, " he said. "By the time you get to the connection regarding the tune, you're [supposed to] realize he's really fighting himself. Whenever final chorus kicks in, it's not this confident chorus, it is more him telling himself this person could wait for him. Throughout truth, he could also be conversing with the wind."

You can find horns about this track, which can be uncommon when it comes to band. Nick Wheeler told us: "We started playing in groups within the '90s, and a few them were Ska groups. Therefore horns type of have experienced a stigma to them, at least inside our more youthful many years. It really is like Ska occurred, now it is over. So after that being exposed to more songs, there's more around than just pop, punk and Ska, like rings we were playing in within the '90s. Therefore we dabbled slightly on the last record, a song called 'Real World' had quite a big orchestra part, including a trumpet solo. Now we truly wished to put-on a sassy, Chicago-style horn area, therefore we both came to this understanding at the same time. Among the better ideas are the ones in which we complete both's phrases, or one of us states anything, another's like, "I happened to be only convinced that same task." And the horn thing had been a lot like that. Nonetheless it turned into really cool, as soon as we do live television - like on Jimmy Kimmel - we arrive at bring in real time horns. That song, 'Beekeeper's Daughter, ' will be a lot of fun. It has lots of life into the tune."

  • a music video for song was shot in belated January 2012. It sees Ritter being rejected by his girlfriend, before he starts performing the track. He eventually ultimately ends up performing it on a carnival float with his fellow musical organization people. Wheeler told Pop Crush in regards to the video: "The video it self, i do believe it is just what the song is. It's sugary. It's a catchy melody. It really is a vintage Rejects pop music rock song. Nevertheless lyrical sentiment is just a little darker — it's spiteful and guy speaking is style of an a–hole. I believe we truly captured the vibrancy and also the colors; incase you just view it on the surface, it looks like just what it is. It is bright. There's dancing — it is a good time. However, if you appear a little closer the thing is the devil girls, the thing is the barbershop quartet utilizing the black eyes – there is a dark undertone, where if you pay attention to the lyric and pick up on the main points of video clip I think they fit perfectly.

We were considering going a very dark course and having Ty play he who's unsatisfied in his individual life so he is like a male prostitute. In contrast to in a Deuce Bigalow type of method however in a dark, sad, types of method. We had been thus far along the bunny hole thereupon idea whenever Isaac Rentz delivered the therapy so we were all kind of like, "this will be a breath of fresh air, I think this really is good, is it good?" Therefore we managed to make it. We spent serious cash, but we'd lots of fun carrying it out plus it came out great."

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