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Beehive Lounge in Brooklyn

990 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

(917) 791-0971

Anytime this had been a restaurant, i might've given 5 movie stars. For just what it's, which tasty meals, they are 4 celebrity worthy. I arrived right here on a Tuesday night. Tuesday evening is $2 Tuesdays; thank goodness we had been in and out before it got too ratchet. The set-up is great, and it is a great dimensions. I became hungry above all else, thus I simply wanted a food menu. My pal and I bought fried calamari & deep-fried catfish hands to start with. Both had been well experienced and cooked crispy, not burnt or under prepared. I had grilled shrimp, spinach and mac & mozzarella cheese, and my pal had grilled salmon, broccoli & spinach, and mac & mozzarella cheese. I enjoyed my food plenty; as performed my buddy. My just strife is the solution. It gets crowded and busy, and there'sn't sufficient staff to allow for the meals is actually good if nothing else!!

This place ended up being an utter frustration. My twin and I emerged here to celebrate our birthday. Our celebration of 10 had been willing to order beverages, hookah, galore. But took 20 min to order a drink and another 20 min to obtain our beverage. The bar ended up being plainly understaffed (as there clearly was just one bartender on a busy Friday evening), yet the supervisor did nothing to fix this. Indeed, the manager consumed my cousin's meal (she waited 30 min to have it incidentally). This institution will not last very long should they usually do not improve their customer service. They should shape-up before they get power down.

Great waitresses, great delighted hour, $3 beers $5 advanced liquor. Supply a buffet deep-fried chicken wings and salad. New house associated with $2 Tuesdays great products and specials w/ fabulous DJis also in Yelp there clearly was a discounted promo going on!

Came here with my boyfriend on an arbitrary Saturday night and it was cool for just what it absolutely was. A good thing about any of it is the $30 for $50 Yelp price that we took advantage of but for a random bar is was simple enough to rack the bill up to $50+. Regardless, it looks like a pleasant destination to grab a drink and spend time when you yourself have nowhere else to be on the weekend. I obtained the chicken fingers that have been very good and my boyfriend got the salmon that was OVERLY salted. Uncertain why nevertheless cook should really taste the meals before delivering it out. It had been like a shock to your sensory faculties. In either case, my rum and cokes had been great along with his Hennessy and cranberry's were good so we were satisfied. The service has also been really accommodating also it appeared like an overall chill area. Looks like they will have a club location toward the trunk that was relatively vacant at the time nonetheless it may seem like a great spot to put a party.

TRY NOT TO APPEAR HERE! Basically could offer a poor star i'd. Received the even worse service imagination as of this organization last night. Servers would not introduce themselves/give our huge party a greeting. The entire staff's body gestures read "I do not want to be here". We obtained our meals and products in an incredibly untimely fashion. The smallest amount of they are able to've done ended up being notify united states your meals will undoubtedly be away shortly. Too make matters more serious, one of several servers went on "break" and gave away dinner this 1 associated with the people in my celebration bought into "manager". She even smudged the calculation of costs twice cause she had been rushing. Meals and beverages had been ended up being vacant for a Friday night so we took tend to be talents elsewhere for the remainder of evening.

My co-worker and I to-do hookah directly after we had dinner so i googled hookah places and also this is the first thing that popped up. We appeared around 9:45ish pm therefore had been a smooth process. We strolled in plus they told us we can remain anywhere. We sat in back in one of several stands and it also had a club feel. We had been maybe not provided any menus or something therefore we didnt know what flavors of hookah thy provided, what drinks that they had, and now we didnt understand they served food until we say some other person with it. We bought beverages and a hookah. Hookah had been $25 and incredibly powerful. Drinks had been more powerful. Overall, it absolutely was okay. One safety guard had on a bullet proof vest. That has been only a little unsettling however it is what its.

Drinks tend to be watered-down and over priced. Ordered the Mac and mozzarella cheese came ultimately back over prepared. Owner did not like to replace it. Beverages have actually a lot of ice not even close to adequate alcohol. Restrooms had been disgusting. Staff was not inviting. Unfriendly if you ask myself.

Went in on a sluggish night and requested a hookah. After about 15 minutes it became obvious that our request wasn't a priority so we left. We didn't truly require a lot, I don't understand why this therapy had been essential. The back lounge me personally location had been cool i assume.

I mightn't want to aid an organization in which a lady is attacked by a male patron together with owner does just lock the sufferers from the institution. He's got yet to make use of an apology or statement or assist authorities in finding the guys who assaulted the number of females.

It is amazing exactly how people who often have bad credit, no work and or never a really thing for hours will come aside get a good drink, dance after which offer a negative review to the organization. As a staunch critic of taverns and restaurants through the entire town I must state these are the best and strongest drinks inside city in addition to they will have the best delighted time in NYC. It bothers us to see some of these people who i've seen right here smashed and begging for a glass or two distributing bad news about an establishment that great bartenders, PERSONABLE PERSONNEL AND PROPRIETORS THAT BASICALLY GIVE A DAMN REGARDING THEIR CUSTOMERS. I'LL EVEN SAY THE, after 12 the crowd is just a little rough but administration ensures every patron is safe and protected.Come towards the hive and have a drink during delighted hr and after that you reply to this analysis. BE BLESSED.

I do not understand this destination. Have you been a bar or a club or a hookah lounge? We came to B-Hive for NYE because YELP explained this destination had been a hookah club. Ummmm, it really wasn't. We paid $25 for those of you small/crappy hookahs that you could buy at a deli on Steinway road. The bartender/waitress had been nice but she performed take her sweet sweet time giving united states the bill. On an improved note, the food ended up being very good however the songs had been unusual. You can't play Tupac after which play Miley Cyrus. You simply are not able to. We wouldn't return to B-Hive until they determine what these are typically. If you want to charge a cover, about have something unique to supply.

Afterwork hours tend to be cool before the youngins (25 & under) begin pouring in. Costs for a bottle is pricy. Overall not a negative place.

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