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20150820_140257Wow it's swarming period already with quite a few swarms spotted within the last couple weeks…and officially its nevertheless cold temperatures.

When you have actuallyn’t inspected your hive this is the time to own a look in the brood box and see whats going on with a view to minimising swarms. Its also a very good time to-do one of your quarterly illness inspections.

Therefore as soon as you get each day over about 18C take out the cigarette smoker split the lid and also an appearance.

You want to to see if they have enough space to keep honey (you might need to collect) and also to make certain they have about 5 complete frames of honey or equivalent to last Spring.

As soon as your in to the brood package you need to check always every framework for signs and symptoms of AFB (The DPI has excellent resources to assist identify this) and usually take a good look at the laying pattern regarding the queen to assess if this woman is going okay. Look for eggs, pollen shops and capped brood.

If you learn a queen cell you can look at splitting the hive to prevent swarming, or simply just allow them to swarm and capture the swarm when they do.

If all is well then place the hive straight back collectively while having a cup tea, time and energy to marvel on question of bees and their hive.

Our shop is open for four weeks now and folks tend to be gradually realising that there surely is a beekeeping provides shop in Mascot Sydney. We made various difficult decisions when training what things to stock within store and have decided we will simply stock beekeeping gear that individuals would utilize ourselves. There is a lot of rubbish now making its way to the market that looks the part nevertheless when you handle it you understand its not much great, so we guarantee all our services and products will do while you would expect.

20150617_091809We are also purchasing put together beekeeping equipment from an impairment services business then when you purchase our assembled frames and bins you're contributing to a good cause.

We lots of bee infection in Australian Continent and something that's getting quite typical is AFB. Having must destroy hives as a result of AFB we're really aware of it, plus our beekeeping operation of only 100 hives or so, are able to run great separation of hive material.

AFB is a spore-based bacteria. The spores can stay for 30 or even more years and are extremely tough to eliminate, which means that if you detect a contaminated hive, the only method to guarantee the AFB is finished will be eliminate the bees and burn the hive and hive material or gamma irradiate it.

The spores can be spread from hive to hive in the event that you supply honey to your bees (illegal in Australian Continent) or put stickies back on a hive that originated in a different one, therefore a barrier system that isolates hive material to an individual hive is the best solution to ensure that is stays from the hives. With barrier control, if you’re unlucky adequate to have a hive that is impacted at least the spores will not have been spread to other hives.

When you examine for AFB it’s vital that you shake the bees off each brood frame and carefully search for sunken cells. There’s a helpful resource here:

We repeat this every half a year; it mustn’t be essential to do it any more usually than that.

The good news is to date no illness and outstanding variability of our hives in terms of swarming. We've found that numerous hives when you look at the CBD are practically drone free which can be a fairly great signal of swarm readiness, contrary to the hives in Bondi which were filled with drones.


At The Urban Beehive we’ve been busy getting our brand-new honey-packing center prepared – and we’ve already been building a shop.

We aim to provide beekeeping equipment for many types of beekeeping so could have Warre hives and honey presses on the market with Langstroth equipment and much more. Our company is looking to stock just as much Australian-made equipment as it is useful.

In the event that you register at we’ll tell you as soon as the shop is available.

I happened to be lucky enough to-be welcomed becoming a panelist in the recent Byron Bay Writers Festival. This four-day occasion is an amazing gathering of 100 or so writers whom talk on panels addressing all kinds topics: from politics to dream. Inside seven white marquees there have been conversations, panels, readings, lectures and guide launches all working concurrently.

It was a really impressive occasion and something that I’d love to make a normal section of my journal.

Therefore I began The Beevangelist web log a few years ago, which I’ve now updated into variation you’re reading now. I’ve uploaded plenty of old posts from my initial web log into this 1.

It’s a schedule of my breakthrough of beekeeping, documenting lots of the fun and stings I’ve had on the way.

Well the times get smaller, the daytime temp is just starting to drop additionally the women are much less energetic so it seems like our extended period in 2010 is coming to a detailed.

It’s been a large year of development with significant new web sites including The Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park apiaries among others. It looks like Sydney is eventually obtaining the notion of preserving bees – today there's notably less moaning about bees and more assistance.

We had a very blended period with stop-start honey flows, very cranky bees, long hot days (also during winter months) and every thing flowering out of sequence. Despite that we’ve had a reasonable harvest this year (although my country colleagues have had very poor honey flows and have been resorting to feeding the bees during summer).

I've had a tremendously busy year. In 2013 I became approached to create a novel on backyard beekeeping and that has brought a lot of time but had been a tremendously interesting procedure and ideally a large assist to lots of budding beekeepers around. So look for Backyard Bees by Murdoch Books, introduced 1st August.

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