St. Valentine: Patron Saint of

Patron saint of Beekeepers

Over the many years, people have actually placed their particular belief in all types of medicines, charms, prayers and superstitions to help keep the bees inside their hives healthy together with honey in their containers plentiful. Some of the lingering medieval powers that beekeepers invoked were those of Saint Valentine. Honey and bees have traditionally already been connected with deities of love across European countries to Africa and further, so their present image is certainly not out-of-place. Just how had been he recruited into such charming organization? Some state this one issue of early chapel was tips oust the Roman feast of Lupercalia (15th February). It was a hairy flock true blessing revel of dancing, ingesting, sacrifice, love-lotteries and wild intimate appearance. This ancient custom and festival of eroticism, revived by Julius Caesar, has its own power rooted in somewhere, Lupercus, where popular she-wolf Lupus suckled Romulus and Remus. For this reason, it never ever caught on in Britain… however the event of Saint Valentine’s Day performed.

It really is thought by some, that in the effort to create an even more demure and dour special event of love, they sought out an innocent saint. A person named Valentine who was simply martyred on 14th February inside third century fitted the balance. The difficulty had been, he'd absolutely nothing to connect him with all the making of love, the ‘birds and bees’ or any kind of relationship. Mightier pencils had been considered to are wielded in which he ended up being re-branded (reason the pun) as an Emperor defying prisoner just who restored the picture to and fell in love with his jailer’s child. He Could Be thought to have left her a farewell note signed ‘Your Valentine’. Other people will say to you that Saint Valentine was never connected with romance until much later, and therefore Chaucer revived the saucy connotations of their feast day.

Nonetheless it took place, one festival nicely overlays the other. This is certainly all the stuff of legend, but fundamental the stories, the theories in addition to festivals, digging down through the layers of ‘social archaeology’ if you want; at natural root of it-all will be the wild birds additionally the bees. Through the ‘Ides of February’, nature is increasing, wild birds starting to set and plan the entire year ahead, springtime plants opening and honeybees tend to be broadening and keen to locate forage.

Throughout history its a time whenever flocks were blessed by group herders, nets had been blessed by fisher folk, plus one might assume that beehives were endowed by beekeepers as year begins, and days grew significantly much longer. Stock had been taken and something perhaps had recommended of what had made it through the cold temperatures and exactly what would want some extra help. Bees, along with other livestock, plants and orchards, are commonly Wassailed in January to make sure wellness, vigour and a beneficial harvest. A wassail is basically a ceremonial toast, originally intoxicated from a big bowl, maybe not dissimilar to a mazzer of mead.

These days Saint Valentine, and becoming patron of love and relationship, is a patron of beekeeping… he could be thought to ensure the sweetness of honey, and security of beekeepers. Popular would be the aphrodisiac and fecund properties of raw honey and well made meads guaranteeing high-spirited honeymoons and higher sperm matters. Alternatively, the old Egyptians utilized honey in a spermicidal contraceptive.

Anyway, bees tend to be mythically denizens associated with goddess of love, be she known as Aphrodite, Venus or Gwen and therefore have the capabilities of love and retribution, as cupid’s arrow is dipped either in ambrosial honey or acidic venom. Amorous traditions and sweet divinations upon Valentine’s Eve and Valentine’s Day were broad and diverse on the list of Brit Isles, but i'ven’t however discovered any pertaining to beekeeping. One I must point out though usually of being considered dusty if you didn’t get a love token or check out from your relative, and folk took much pleasure in dusting you straight down with brooms or brushes.

In Bulgaria the Patron Saint of Beekeeping is Saint Kharlampii. On their feast time, 23rd February, the Orthodox Church in addition honours Saint Valentine. (The Orthodox Church nonetheless honours the Julian schedule and there's about 13 times huge difference). Saint Kharlampii was a renowned healer who's said to have used honey and beeswax in the strictly natural treatments. His time had previously been a Bulgarian nationwide holiday whenever females would cook hive shaped pies, honey would-be blessed and ceremonies presented to cleanse the land of pestilence and plague. Again this has an equivalent purpose towards the Anglo-Saxon Wassail practices which can be however practiced these days in this neck for the woods. The 24th February is Saint Matthias’ Day, the day to begin sowing, to ‘shut up the bee’ and to store candlesticks during the last lingering dark nights of springtime.

In Ireland, Saint Gobnait, also known away from Ireland as Saint Abigail and Saint Deborah, is the patroness of beekeeping. Interestingly the girl feast time may be the 11th of February. Like Saint Kharlampii, she had been reported to be a good healer utilizing honey in her own cures. Legend informs us that an angel appeared to this lady and said that she would get a hold of this lady rightful destination, her resurrection destination in which she'd dwell throughout her life, in which she saw nine white deer. In one single tale she put hives of bees at thieves additionally the air became brown with bees to see all of them down. An additional she changed bees into troops and a hive into a brass helmet. Possibly as a result of the woman organizations with winning battles, she has been in comparison to Deborah the Prophetess, whose title implies ‘bee’ in Hebrew. The basis that is a historical Chaldean term indicating both ‘bee’ and ‘word’.

Within britain, Saint Bartholomew is another Patron Saint of Beekeepers. Hives have-been blessed upon his time, the 23rd of August, and in Cornwall it was customary to harvest honey from the bees then. There Are Various Other saints involving mead, such as…

Saint Findian, who existed on loaves of bread and water through the few days, but permitted himself salmon and the full cup of mead on a Sunday.

Saint Brigit is thought to have blessed empty mead vessels that have been then discovered of be full. She also switched the woman bathwater into beer for a few dehydrated clerics, and had been patroness of recovery, smith-craft and poetry. The ‘mead of poetry’ echoes the pagan beginnings of the Saint: the Celtic goddess Bride. The woman festival is on 1st and 2nd February, referred to as Imbolc (pronounced Im-olk) towards Irish Celts, virtually indicating ewe’s milk. Her father the Dagda, the great god, owns an ever filling cauldron, possibly a vestige of Saint Bride’s vessel filling legends. Snowdrops, sacred to the girl, open around this time, and bees commence to work them for forage. It was the first rite of Spring, an occasion for the first ploughing. Candlemass overlays this festival in one single Christian calendar.

Saint Benedict ended up being thought to summon bees to nectar on their old feast day's 21st March. This could be the Vernal Equinox known in Druidic practices as Alban Eiler, the ‘light for the earth’.

Additional afield St. Ambrose (Ambrogio) of Milan is connected with bees, but their Bassilica hasn't one bee within it. St. John Chrysostom, St. Rochus, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Zosim and St. Barromeus can also be added to the menu of saints that have beekeeping of their patronage.

In Wales, Saint David, whoever honeyed knowledge ended up being foretold to their parent three decades before his beginning by through gift of honeycomb, kept bees at his monastery therefore to provide honey to your poor. Saint Modmonoc, Domnoc or Dominic, ended up being a monk indeed there, and became distinguished for their way with bees. Very well enjoyed by all of them had been he that after tried sail home to Ireland, 3 x a swarm of bees satisfied from the mast. It will likely be of not surprising to you that their feast time is February 13th.

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