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I'm showing that we do have some honey bees on our website, Harvest Lane Honey 3 lb. Bundle of Carniolan Bees with Queen and Cage and they're $154.97 with free delivery. Under is perhaps all associated with the details:

Within demand of beekeepers in colder climates associated with the northern states, we also produce the Carniolan mix. Our Carniolan breeders are mated in an isolated area and observed for a-year before used in our reproduction system. The Carniolan virgins are mated with this Italian drones, causing a fantastic mix of both Italian and Carniolan characteristics which numerous customers choose.

Each bundle includes cage, feeder can, queen, and 3 pounds of bees.
Bees won't be delivered until April 8th or April 29th, depending on in which your order is in the purchase queue.
All instructions will send immediately as soon as available.
All orders tend to be pre-orders.
You will find approximately 12, 000-15, 000 bees per specific 3lb box, be sure to be aware that there was an expected shrinkage (death loss) of just one - 2per cent.

DISCLAIMER:We offer no guarantee-implied, oral or written for just about any of package bees or queens. We ought to try this mainly because we've no control of everything do together with your bees. All payments for Queens and Bee plans tend to be NON REFUNDABLE. They are real time insects and must ship following day atmosphere for distribution (this is certainly UPS demands perhaps not ours) when buying a mail order bundle you assume COMPREHENSIVE responsibility, we have been not able to make any guarantees. We're NOT accountable for bundle bees or queens remaining in the distribution place (customer assumes FULL responsibility). They are real time pets and cannot withstand being exposed in their cages in the elements.

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