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Ohio State Beekeepers Association launched the Master Beekeeper Program in 2012. Over 100 individuals had a hand in creating today's papers that comprise this system.

The Ohio Master Beekeeper Program is an intensive four action system – A beginning/Apprentice level, a Journey (male or female) degree, a Masters degree, and a Master teacher amount. Certification by OSBA is designed to provide members the chance to boost their particular beekeeping knowledge. OSBA offer certificates to any or all individuals who undertake certain requirements for every single specific level. Instruction will likely be supplied through numerous class/seminar/workshops certified by OSBA.

It is often created by Ohio Beekeepers for Ohio Beekeepers. Remember that is a fresh system and all new programs have actually developing aches. The Ohio Arrange requires regional beekeeping associations working with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association. Regional organizations are able to look for recommendation by OSBA for workshops and seminars they sponsor to count for credit hours toward your way amount for all signed up for the Ohio State Master Beekeeping plan.

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