Apalachee Beekeepers

Apalachee Beekeepers Association

Come Join us at our monthly meetings:

the second Tuesday of each and every thirty days


Future Programs...

Holiday party!

Tuesday, December 13th @ 6:30 p.m.

Leon County Extension Office

615 Paul Russell Rd. Tallahassee, Florida 32301

It's time when it comes to ABA annual vacation celebration! We're having a chili supper and cookie swap. Bring urge for food and your favorite cookie meal to share!

Note the alteration in meeting area!

2017 officials is going to be chosen at the party. Additionally it is the perfect time to restore your membership for next year!


Open Hive Demonstrations 2016

FAMU Center for Viticulture and Small Fruits Research

6505 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee

Since might 2011, we now have had two beehives at place of your month-to-month conferences. The hives had been donated by Bob Livingston and then he performed the task on getting all of them set up with a great fence. Thanks A Lot Bob!! We open them once a month (the Tuesday of our monthly meeting at 5:30 pm) during daylight savings time. Kindly deliver your veil into demonstrations.

By Appointment Just:


Chuck Booker~chuckbooker@hotmail.com


Allen Shiflett~allen.shiflett@comcast.net

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Do worker bees kill drone bees for laziness? - Quora

Nah, they don't sting them to death just kick them out and don't let them back in. In early winter when bees go into winter mode they want to conserve as much energy and food as they can to make it through the winter. As the queen doesn't lay in the winter the drones have no usefulness so they kick them out into the cold. The hive is the organism and at that point those drones are only a drag.
The drones are bigger and make a much louder buzzing noise. When the ladies start kicking them out you can catch them and have a pet bee as they can't sting you.

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