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A list of volunteer beekeepers just who may offer the service of the removal of honeybee swarms, arranged by county and city. Updated April 2015.
It is now time of the year that you might see honey-bee swarming. Below is a listing of beekeepers in Delaware that can be known as to get rid of swarms. Phone straight away if you notice one as they will maybe not stay lengthy.

Honey bees tend to be important and provide great advantages, particularly pollination, honey and wax. Nonetheless solutions and locations in which honey bees generate an annoyance and a nuisance, as well as for sting-sensitive individuals, a health menace. One such incidence is when honey bees swarm.

Swarming is a normal the main development of a honey bee colony. Swarming is an approach of propagation that occurs in reaction to crowding inside the colony. Swarming is a benefit towards bees but is a definite drawback for beekeepers. Consequently, beekeepers handle hives to lessen the occurrence of swarming into the degree possible. Swarming typically does occur in belated springtime and early summer time and starts in warmer hours of day.

Honey bee swarms may include a number of hundred to many thousand worker bees, a few drones and one queen. Swarming bees fly around fleetingly and then group on a tree limb, shrub or any other item. Groups usually stay fixed for an hour or so to some days, according to weather additionally the time needed seriously to get a hold of a brand new nest site by scouting bees. Whenever a suitable area when it comes to brand-new colony, including a hollow tree, is found the group breaks up and flies to it.

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Edward Reed Bear 302-373-8642© or 302-834-7296
Gary Hayes Middletown 302-593-6873
Melissa Kachinsky 302-376-9267 or 302-358-1672
Bill Leitzinger 302-584-5631©
Raymond Drejka Newark 302-239-2010 or 302-299-8584
Pete Bell New Castle 443-350-6926
Roseann Harkins Odessa 302-378-7757
Debby Hougaard Townsend 302-593-0880
Gregory Greene Wilmington 302-463-9145
Tom Harrigan 302-353-7672
Debbe & Phil Krape 302-478-7148
Nancy Magness 302-383-6965
Ron Meick 302-650-8517
Mark Woodward 302-229-3755


Alan Greenwell Clayton 302-653-6868
David Cook Dover 301-748-6867
Eugene Errera 302-697-7307
Warren Seaver 302-674-8969
Ken Outen Felton 302-233-2027 or 302-284-4767
Erik Thompson 302-331-1420
Chuck Hurd Harrington 302-359-3222

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