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Well-balanced Beekeeping I: creating a premier club hive
Balanced Beekeeping II: Managing a Top Club Hive

In the event that Barefoot Beekeeper ended up being the harbinger of 'natural beekeeping' action, after that here is the workshop manual. Along with its partner volume - Balanced Beekeeping we: creating a premier Bar Hive - this book will lead you carefully into a fascinating commitment with the most appealing of nature's workers: the honeybee. The writer attracts on fifteen years of experience with several kinds of hive in the both amateur and professional beekeeping contexts. You want this guide beside you for a long time ahead!

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Mastering From Bees: a viewpoint of normal beekeeping

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All-natural Beekeeping with all the Warre Hive

by David Heaf
Important reading for anyone thinking about utilizing Warre hives.

Beekeeping - A Practical Guide

Roger Pattison
Essential reading and reference for many beekeepers.

Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey

Brother Adam
A vintage, because of the most famous beekeeper associated with 20th century

The Rose Hive Method

Tim Rowe
a thoroughly practical alternative to 'standard' beekeeping if you don't mind lifting boxes.

Beekeeping, a Seasonal Guide

by Ron Brown
Ron Brown held bees in Africa along with Britain along with his publications tend to be saturated in practical guidance and ingenious techniques.

Top-bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Wellness

Les Crowder
Among top bar hive pioneers and a motivation to me. Imperative.

Honeybee Democracy

Thomas Seeley
Possibly the most useful guide however detailing the inner functions associated with honeybee colony.

Candipolline Gold

An excellent supplement for bees anytime, but specifically good-for overwintering nucs and Apideas.

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Do worker bees kill drone bees for laziness? - Quora

Nah, they don't sting them to death just kick them out and don't let them back in. In early winter when bees go into winter mode they want to conserve as much energy and food as they can to make it through the winter. As the queen doesn't lay in the winter the drones have no usefulness so they kick them out into the cold. The hive is the organism and at that point those drones are only a drag.
The drones are bigger and make a much louder buzzing noise. When the ladies start kicking them out you can catch them and have a pet bee as they can't sting you.

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