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What is Comb honey?

DSC_3524i prefer bees, mostly because I’ve never already been stung by one. Anyway, I’m at this time obsessed with the sweet nectary goodness they generate. Nom nom nom! (I’ve secretly always wanted to be covered in bees, like those creepers that simply stay indeed there in a swarm like, “Sup. I’d shake your hand but, ya know, covered in bees. Ain’t no thang!”)

Therefore anyway, I’ve gone over in previous posts that after it comes to making use of honey for medicinal purposes, it's important to make use of natural honey. You are able to find out more details in my own Cough Syrup vs. Honey post and my post All About Propolis – The Mystery Ingredient in Raw Honey.

As with every things naturey (yes, I said naturey) there are many different degrees of “pure”, “organic” and “raw”, and our job as healthy eaters and sensible customers is to comprehend the numerous examples of these attributes within the foods that individuals purchase. And honey is not any exemption.

Comb honey is actually an amount for the hexagonal shaped beeswax cells regarding the honeycomb, each cell filled up with raw honey, precisely at the bees stuffed it.

Considering that the honey continues to be inside comb and contains not been handled by guy, it includes just of pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics that bees manufactured in the hive. There’s no filtering, handling or rearranging associated with the raw item by peoples hands.

Whilst “untouched honey” aspect rocks !, the real selling point of comb honey is not just the extremely natural honey into the brush, nevertheless the actual comb itself. The wax cells of honeycomb are not just edible, but very beneficial. Relating to LiveStrong.com, the brush is much more nutritionally beneficial than the honey it self, containing a natural antibiotic drug, bee pollen, some recurring royal jelly and large levels of propolis.

Honeycomb wax also contains much more of this sensitivity alleviating properties that honey established fact for. The International Federation of Beekeepers’ Association thinks that honeycomb (no matter the geographic origin) is amongst the most readily useful natural remedies for allergies and symptoms of asthma. When you have problems with allergies, the Beekeepers Association implies you attempt “Comb Honey Apitherapy”, which involves enjoying an everyday regime of consuming 1 tablespoon of natural honeycomb once each morning as soon as in the evening.

DSC_3390First down, the hexagonal wax construction of comb honey is PRETTY. I am talking about, it's completely enchanting. The honeycomb is composed of hexagonal cells with wall space that are only 2/1000th of an inch dense, but it is capable of promoting 25 times its very own fat. It’s solid and sturdy while in addition delicate and fragile. Comb honey is regarded as those true all-natural testaments to the fame of a creator Jesus. It’s enough to leave you wonderstruck to consider how these tiny bees can therefore intricately build these types of awesome cells of geometric excellence.

(I’ve found we frikkin’ love eating valuable things.)

Next, each batch of honey keeps the flowery essences of the plants that it had been made, with no handling to strip the rich flavors.. therefore the taste regarding the waxy comb additionally varies relating to just what the bees ate. And so the two intricate flavor medleys of honey and comb add a broad mix of flavors, textures, and aromas that extracted honey just does not have.

This is simply an enjoyable meals. In the beginning it's only a dried out square of beeswax, but when you cut into the area regarding the comb, the trapped honey wells up-and oozes from the individual cells. The gooey waxy bite is chewy, pleasantly nice, brightly flavored, and delightfully fresh and pure. The beeswax can be so full of honey together with wax is really delicate that there’s zero must “chew it up and spit it out” like some (wimpy) people recommend. The soft texture and easily digested (and good-for food digestion!) wax is a true delicacy and a delight to munch on.

The popular solution to eat brush honey is always to cut an amount from it off and distribute it over toast. You may need to mash it slightly, but it flattens aside easily. Comb honey does not easily melt, nevertheless when mild heat is used it becomes soft and fragrant. (you won't ever wish heat up raw honey above 115 levels, or it's going to destroy all the beneficial enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and aroma.) Comb honey can be good on hot biscuits, French toast, muffins or pancakes.

Upscale restaurants usually serve comb honey with an array of high priced cheeses and multi-grain crackers. The most common hors d’oeuvre using comb honey is always to protect a cracker with an item of cheese – frequently cheddar or brie – and top it off with a tiny chunk of comb.

Jonathan and I also love-making hors d’oeuvre’s and entertaining friends with elegant hand meals, so we had been irritation to try out all of the comb honey appetizer meals out there… except.. uh, there aren’t any. Like, yeah, certain, 1 or 2. But absolutely nothing special, innovative or mouth wateringly tantalizing. Therefore we have actually attempted to change that.

Across next week or more I’m going to be publishing a number of our comb honey hors d’oeuvre recipes that we’ve had a blast thinking up, generating and sampling!

Anyhow, like we said, the comb honey we're working with – Mohawk Valley Trading Company’s Summer Wildflower Comb Honey – is present about mid-July and about 90 % from it is pre-sold given that they simply take sales year-round on a first come, initially served foundation. If you’re enthusiastic about hoping to get dibs on a future batch, visit their particular page to check out their particular options!

Maybe you have tried comb honey? Interested in giving it a-whirl? Share your ideas the following!

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Gingi is a professional photographer, cosplayer, amateur chef, crazy cat lady, anime otaku, bookworm, general geek, world-traveler, conservative Christian, homeschooler, dedicated armed forces wife and stay yourself brand-new mama of two little girls.

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