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20150702_145640Every beekeeper have a tool box or some type of case to carry necessary equipment around to you when visiting apiaries and examining hives also it’s much more essential when you yourself have out apiaries.

Therefore for a couple many years we struggled and became more and more frustrated with a decent old synthetic case and just about any time i desired anything I'd to rummage through the heap of stuff at the bottom and regularly discovered my crown of thorns very first (ouch) so it had been an excellent day whenever a beekeeper obtaining some hives and gear revealed me his tool box that just so happened to be a light-weight nuc he said had been a classic vacation box he adapted but was also convenient in an urgent situation and got me personally thinking on the same concept.

A few hours scribbling on a piece of timber and I developed my accept the multifunctional beekeepers device box.

Very simply it's a light weight five frame 14×12 nuc with removable tray but in addition leaving space for a spare framework and dummy board. The exterior has two hooks one for cigarette smoker and a second for a tiny water spray container. The carrying band is just an old band from a classic activities case and works a treat.

The building is very simple and makes the box really light when empty. Its simply made out of 7mm ply and stapled collectively it's enhanced inside corners with triangular glue obstructs. The glue blocks will be the secret into the energy associated with the field and has now needed to be as I have sat upon it many times especially in some welcome color wanting to workout what they are as much as this time. It offers a hole cut in underneath and a bit of mesh fixed throughout the gap for a few air flow if required. The exterior is finished down with a simple opening to do something as an entrance if needed and a roof.

It may be make use of it to collect a swarm or produce an emergency nuc and holds an astonishing level of helpful gear inside.



Marking pencils, Tweezers, suits, Lighters, Secateurs, Goose feather, Penknives, Serrated home knife, Screwdriver, Pencil, Elastic bands, Uncapping fork, Hive tools, magnification glass, crown-of-thorns, attracting pins and some insect ointments.

Lower box

Gaffer tape, line, Soda crystals, Straps, vinyl bags for bee samples, Newspaper, Foam entry blocks, Bag of smoker fuel, Disposable gloves, Marigold gloves, Bits of cardboard, bit of mesh, Container for wax scrapings, Scrap of ply, free frame, Not this time but space for a dummy board. Also missing a bag of plastic finishes and will also be the thing I will require in the next assessment.

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