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Organic Bee hives

The instance for Alternatives Gets Stronger
As a failed beekeeper myself, I make no claims to being a professional on the go. But as increasing numbers of evidence stacks up implicating pesticides in colony collapse condition, plus suggesting that high fructose corn syrup may have played a roll in bee fatalities, the concept that we should consider alternative methods of beekeeping centered on modeling nature appears to be to help make good sense.

Using Survivor Genes and Encouraging Natural Behaviors
Hard love beekeeping, including, centers around survivor genes, allowing weak colonies to collapse and instead working with swarms that have shown a capacity to thrive in tough problems. Meanwhile other scientists show that we now have effective medicinal characteristics into the glue-like propolis, which traditional beekeepers eliminate given that it tends to make a hive hard to work. So designs like top-bar hives, which are generally criticized the quantity of propolis that builds, may undoubtedly enable bees to manage themselves better and avoid the need for exorbitant medication/inspections.

John of Growing Your Greens—whose present video on vertical agriculture at O'Hare airport proved wildly popular—is in the process of discovering beekeeping. Here he talks us through a number of just what he's learned, like the advantages and disadvantages of a normal Langstroth hive, a top-bar hive, and an extremely unconventional searching creation called the Hex Hive.

Hex Hives Mimic Hives in general
Built to mimic the shape of a hollowed out tree, and making use of thick anti-fungal cedar the building, there's much to like concerning the concept of the Hex Hive. John informs us that the inside is also remaining harsh to enable the bees to apply propolis which—given the research mentioned above—seems like a wise thing to advertise in the interests of bee health, if you don't necessarily easy working the hive.

I ought to note, of course, the program upon which John has attained the majority of his beekeeping understanding is operate by Randy Sue Collins of natural Beekeeping 101 who in addition takes place having patented the Hex Hive, therefore we should evaluate all information and tips given with this certain prejudice at heart. In either case though, this is a good introduction to organic beekeeping. And I also would like to hear from other beekeepers about their particular experiences with organic beekeeping, or alternate styles like Hex Hive. Is it reinventing the wheel, or a step toward an improved sort of hive? Share your thinking below.

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