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All-natural beekeeping is an expression frequently always explain a variety of methods to beekeeping. While there is not just one agreed-upon meaning, our definition of normal beekeeping is minimal manipulation, all-natural combs (no foundation), with no medication (chemical remedies). This really is a stark comparison into prevalent practices in beekeeping today that typically include frequent hive assessments, queen replacements, feeding, single-cell size foundation, chemical substances, and a myriad of various other regimens.

Our approach arises from the point of view that honey bees are amazingly successful creatures that, if given the chance, can become successful without person intervention. Our goal is give you the bees with a decent environment which to flourish without us. We do believe the very best environment is in a hive with all-natural comb, eg a or a, but this is not the sole determinining aspect.

Since 2008 we have been keeping bees in Langstroth hives, horizontal top bar hives and Warré hives making use of all-natural beekeeping practices even as we've defined all of them. We think that the main variable in identifying hive success is good genetics. This is why we work hard to create strong hereditary populations of bees within our apiaries. We do this by increasing (creating brand-new colonies) from powerful colonies and letting poor colonies pass away. When we begin two colonies on top of that and come fall, one colony is filled with surplus honey shops in addition to various other is vacant, we try not to feed the weak colony. We'll let it perish and steer clear of perpetuating their particular weak genetics another swarm season. We'll replace the lifeless colony by either splitting a stronger one or catching a swarm from a successful colony.

We've had the best success with feral bees - bees residing independently in trees and wall space without any person interaction for numerous many years. They are our favorite bees to capture, and it's constantly a treat whenever we have the ability to recognize the foundation of these feral swarms and catch even more every year.

In the long run, we genuinely believe that bees can perform it by themselves without united states, even though it might be harsh allowing some to perish down, we believe oahu is the best way to aid the relieve the ailing beekeeping industry from the dependance on chemical remedies.

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