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Manchester Beekeepers

Why take Bee courses form “Bob the Bee Guy”

1) if you should be uncertain should you want to keep bees you can make use of all my equipment the season or a couple courses then come to a decision.

2) We're going to use all my hives so you do not have to eliminate yours as soon as the course has ended. (This does not appear to be a problem but you will learn that it's a real BIG JOB).

3) once you complete course you can easily arrived at any course or courses next many years at no cost.

4) All techniques will always current perhaps not just how things were done years back.

5) everybody using or have taken courses get totally free phone help and email support call between 9am and 8pm or e-mail anytime, permanently. Reaction time is generally instant. (i really do make home phone calls back at my time routine)

Future Courses

We numerous exciting sessions in month forward. Below there are links to every of these sessions where you can reserve your area in advance. Also included here is a listing of the content of each course. Desire to see you in class shortly!

No Activities

Syllabus for BEE BOOT CAMP

The aim of this course is always to offer you enough information so you can determine if you want to hold Bees. It will also offer you all the details to Keep Bees. What follows is a complete synopsis of each and every program.

You can simply take any class on it's own and you may start in the second or third-class if you already have experience.

Initial day is going to be held inside in Manchester, MI so you can get begun on building your equipment.

  1. Explanation of equipment
    What the bees require and why
    What the Beekeeper needs and exactly why
    We will build some supers, frames and other gear so you understand how.
  2. Exactly what equipment to get and in which.
  3. Honey-bee biology
  4. The hive composition and tasks
  5. Diseases
  6. Health Demands
  7. What to anticipate in spring

This is the just Sunday class. I will be getting Package Bees and everybody will learn to put in them into hives.

We're going to meet call at Manchester in which I have property and about 15 hives. We'll invest some time in a classroom setting then head out and acquire knowledgeable about the bees.

  1. Spring Control
  2. What to give and when to begin and stop
  3. Clean the hives and turn supers
  4. Seek queens or eggs
  5. Feed the bees
  6. We will be setting up bundles of bees into the hives
  7. We shall speak about splitting hives therefore the different methods
  8. We'll finish cleaning if required
  9. We'll separate hives
  1. We will talk about your bees, how they do and everything you have seen
  2. Look at the hives if you are queen right and infection
  3. We'll equalize a few of the poor hives
  4. If there is a need we'll re-queen hives
  5. What to expect and perform some remaining portion of the year
  6. Extracting honey, equipment and different strategy
  7. Extracting honey, actually doing the extracting.
  1. Taking honey from the hive
  2. Extracting honey, equipment and various methods
  3. Question-and-answer program until we are done

Time 5 (July ??, 2017 pulling and extracting after honey is pulled in Canton, MI)

  1. We will talk about your bees, the way they do and everything have seen.
  2. We are going to head out in the field and look hives
  3. We shall combine weak hives if required
  4. When there is a need we'll re-queen the hives
  5. Simply take honey from the hive
  6. Handle for mites

Time 7 (September in Canton) (Optional)

  1. We shall really be extracting honey in Canton

Cost is $150.00 per family members for many sessions. Individual courses each day tend to be $35.00. If you don't have a bee suite, it'll be provided. If you are going to help keep bees, I would personally appreciate you purchasing a suite and bringing it with you.

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