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The Theory and Useful processes for a Sustainable, Organic way of Cultivating Bee Colonies

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This four-part on the web beekeeping program is taught by Philip Chandler, author of 'The Barefoot Beekeeper' is an introduction to what became called 'natural beekeeping', which varies in some important areas from traditional method of this subject. Our focus is on maintaining bees with regards to their own sake, without only for the products of their labour. Obviously, we additionally appreciate whatever they do for all of us assuming there is certainly a surplus of honey, we are pleased to have some for ourselves.

If you're currently a keen gardener, you could have considered the concept of having a beehive or two inside garden, but been defer because of the cost and problems of conventional beekeeping gear. In this course, I will explain to you just how maintaining bees is much simpler than some might have you imagine, while costing a lot less than you believe, particularly if you may do quick woodwork yourself.

Mastering Outcome because of the end for this program, you should have a higher understanding of the part of bees in their normal globe plus the context of real human agriculture. You can expect to comprehend the design, building and make use of of a high Bar Hive, and possess a theoretical knowledge of the lifecycle of honeybees and also the ways in which we could supervise and nurture them on a small scale.

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