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Illinois Beekeepers

The Department presently features the full Apiary Inspection Team. If you need an evaluation, please contact the Inspectors noted on this site or telephone call Steve Chard at 217/782-6297 for help.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is working with many partners to lessen honeybee exposure to numerous pesticides (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.). There have been some cases in which honeybees have been subjected to these materials, in certain cases with catastrophic impacts. In an attempt to restrict these exposures, the IDOA is hoping to boost interaction amongst the pesticide user neighborhood therefore the condition's beekeepers.

bee picture Pesticide applicators can gain contact and locational information linked to Illinois' beekeepers besides different pesticide-sensitive plants. An Illinois-specific web page happens to be constructed Illinois DriftWatchTM. The website includes two primary portals, one for pesticide-sensitive crop producers (including beekeepers) and another for pesticide applicators. The producer portal enables producers to register the types and places of their pesticide-sensitive plants to enable them to be looked at by possible pesticide applicators. The pesticide applicator portal permits applicators to register their particular solution area which, subsequently, will allow them for automatic notifications whenever pesticide-sensitive crop areas are put into the areas which it works. The Department has added the areas of many apiaries signed up because of the Department toward database and is advertising making use of the website to pesticide applicators at our Pesticide Safety knowledge system centers being held through the state from December through might. We're also dealing with our marketing bureau to aid advertise the utilization of the program by pesticide-sensitive crop manufacturers.

The Illinois Bees and Apiaries Program is made to assist beekeepers throughout Illinois utilizing the management and protection of honeybee colonies. The domestic honeybee plays a vital role in today's society. As a result of substantial issues brought on by numerous diseases and bugs of honeybee, many feral or wild honeybees have been eliminated, which includes had a significant unfavorable affect the pollination of flowering flowers. Honeybees pollinate many of the flowers which create the meals used by humankind. Examples of plants pollinated by honeybees include almonds, oranges, blueberries, cucumbers, melons, and pumpkins. Insufficient feral honeybees over the past many years has considerably increased the need for was able honeybees to be used for pollination of plants.

In Illinois Bees and Apiaries Act, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) inspects honeybee colonies as a site on beekeeping industry. The objective of the inspections will be determine the overall health of honeybee colonies. Throughout an inspection, IDOA Apiary Inspectors closely examine beehives to detect conditions and bugs and supply advice on required remedies. Inspections are supplied totally free to beekeepers all over state. The Act also requires beekeepers to register their colonies (one or more) with the IDOA. Registration can be as straightforward as completing a brief one-page type and mailing it toward IDOA. A registration certificate (including a registration quantity) is offered to beekeepers which sign up with all the IDOA. There is also totally free for registering honeybee colonies with the IDOA.

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