Make a Homemade Bee Smoker

Homemade Bee Smoker

Drill an opening within the region of the bigger can about 1 inch through the bottom with an electric drill. The diameter associated with hole must be the exact same size as nozzle of the bellows.

Make a few holes when you look at the bottom of this smaller can making use of the drill. These holes will provide the ventilation for burning fuel and that means you want as much as you can easily fit while maintaining 1/8-inch of room between each one of these.

Slip small can in to the bigger can until their top edges are aligned. Make use of tiny steel bulldog clips to help keep small can from sliding further in the larger one.

Solder the 2 cans together over the top sides in which they meet using a soldering iron. Move the bulldog films once they block off the road of this soldering iron.

Let the solder harden completely. The solder cools because hardens and that means you will know its ready by holding your hand nearby the cans to see if they're nevertheless cozy.

Push the channel across opening associated with the cans using spout pointing until it's secure. Search for a funnel equivalent dimensions as the will open positions for a good fit.

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