Cheap Beehive

This informative article is within progress, when I'm making the slice the next day and therefore only have design pictures. Anticipate that it is updated with a great deal more information and illustration shortly.

Beehives tend to be pretty expensive. The least expensive can be found on ebay or amazon are in the $250, many good-quality hives retail for double the amount. This instructable gives the opportunity to make one yourself a top quality hive in one hour, for a pittance. If you should be an associate during the Techshop, all you have to buy because of this whole project is a 4x8 sheet for the wood you intend to utilize and a $10 router bit. No screws, no nails.
Time for you reduce: an hour
Time and energy to construct: five minutes
Price: $60 or $152 if you want to make the Shopbot course.

The Shopbot Alpha may be the only device necessary for this project, once the whole thing is cut from a sheet of timber. The course is $92, but when you go you should use any shopbot machine at any Techshop, and each shop to date has at least one.
-One 4 x 8 x .75 sheet of wood that you choose. Do some analysis to find out what is best for the bees, and what is going to endure weather. Birch plywood is about $45, and looks great.

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