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  • We have been all in all 2016 with a talk from Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, a founding lover, in addition to existing Chief Scientific Officer, of the finest Bees Company! This talk will... Learn more
  • 10:00 are - 12:00 pm guidelines to your Boston Nature Center. Upcoming: July 9, 2016: Marybeth Noonan July 23, 2016: Bill Perkins August 13, 2016: TBD August 27, 2016:... Learn more

Recent Meetups

  • November 15 · 6:30 PM

    November BABA Meeting: Tanzania Asali

    6 Bee Enthusiasts

    This conference is no-cost for BABA’s dues-paying members. The big event is ready to accept the public-a $5.00 donation is recommended to offset the cost of the conference. This November... Find Out More

  • October 11 · 6:30 PM

    October BABA Meeting: Tufts Research Update

    7 Bee Enthusiasts

    Come across our October meeting to voice your opinion on our logo design contest submissions (due by October 4 right here) and hear a revision in regards to the bee-search which is happening at... discover more

  • October 2 · 1:00 PM

    Honey Harvest

    3 Bee Enthusiasts

    Benefit from the sweet incentive of rotating honey brush once we get to the end of beekeeping season. Collectively Bill Perkins and Boston Area Beekeepers Association will show you the reason why... Learn more

  • September 13 · 7:00 PM

    September BABA Meeting: Overwintering

    10 Bee Lovers

    Many exciting changes is going to be happening for BABA this year! These changes (see below) will be discussed at 7:00 pm. At 7:30 pm, we will have a talk on overwintering... find out more

  • September 2 · 7:00 PM

    Oxx Beekeeping at Follow the Honey

    4 Bee Enthusiasts

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