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PollyDot, creative commonsClaim: Mylan CEO Heather Bresch as assaulted by a bee swarm whilst strolling in a park no one close by had an EpiPen on hand to help her since they're very costly.


Origin:On 22 August 2016, a satirical site supposedly run by a tremendously snarky, sunglasses-wearing Jesus stated that Mylan CEO Heather Bresch ended up being stung by a swarm of bees as she stepped through a park on the luncheon break:

Bresch, that is evidently sensitive to bee stings, immediately experienced a serious anaphylactic response. However, nothing of this bystanders had an EpiPen available to inject Bresch with relief.

“Didn’t she enhance the price to 600 dollars? No one got cash for that, ” stated one Robert Selvidge, a bystander in the scene. “She held pointing at her case for reasons uknown, that knows the reason why? Ended up being indeed there anything inside she required? Maybe she had an Epipen in there. Whatever. If you ask me personally she got exactly what she deserves.”

Although the article claims Bresch ended up being taken to Mercy Hospital suffering (with great karma) from a severe allergic reaction, the actual only real nearby hospital called Mercy is in Pittsburgh, thirty minutes from Mylan head office in Canonsburg, where Bresch apparently works. A medical emergency would justify that an individual be taken to a closer facility.

An instant look at various other articles posted by internet site causes it to be obvious its aimed at satirical humor. Headlines on the website include "Ryan Lochte Awarded Gold Medal For Being A Douche" and "Pope Vows To break increasing Religions Of celebrity Wars and Pokemon Go."

Bresch was the newest focus of fury over the inflated cost of life-saving pharmaceuticals, using the mantle from previous Turing CEO Martin Shkreli, who in September 2015 got extensive critique for purchasing the manufacturing permit for drug Daraprim and dramatically inflating the price.

In August 2016, Mylan came under community scrutiny after increasing the price tag on EpiPens significantly more than 600 % since getting the brand from Merck in 2007. EpiPens deliver an usually lifesaving dose of epinephrine to patients putting up with anaphylactic surprise, a dangerous problem caused by serious allergies that can cover anything from bee stings to different meals and environmental resources.

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